Research Interests
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Formal structure of Optimality Theory and Harmonic Serialism
  • Learning algorithms for generative linguistic theories
  • Computational tools for theoretical linguists


Prince, Alan, Nazarré Merchant, and Bruce Tesar. 2016. OTWorkplace. Installer package. For documentation and updates see the OTWorkplace site.

Prince, Alan, Natalie DelBusso, and Nazarré Merchant. 2016. A User's Quick Start Guide to OTWorkplace. ROA-1291.

Selected Works

2018    "The Contours of nGY." Memoirs of the Society for Typological Analysis 1.3. ROA-1750.

2018    "Supplemental Workbook to the Contours of nGY.OTWorkplace Workbook. ROA-1751.

2018    (with Martin Krämer). "The Holographic Principle: Typological Analysis Using Lower Dimensions." Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of Phonology.

2017    (with Alan Prince). “Structural Aspects of OT Typologies.” Paris Seminar on Computation and Linguistic Theory. CNRS, Paris, France.

2017    “Structural aspects of linguistic theories: embedding grammars in permutohedra.” Suncoast Regional Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America. Eckerd College, Saint Petersburg, Florida.

2017    (with Martin Krämer) “Formal Properties of Stringent Constraint Systems.” Manchester Phonology Meeting.

2017    “Sonority and Stringency: Property Analysis using the Holographic Principle.” Colloquium Talk. University of Tromsø, Norway.

2017    “Representing Stringency Hierarchies Using Property Analysis.” PhLunch Talk, University of California at Santa Cruz.

2017    (with Alan Prince).The Mother of All Tableaux. Equinox Publishing. ROA-1285.

2016    "Dependency Trees". Rachel Schwell, Aliza Steurer, and Jennifer Franko Vasquez (eds.), Beyond Lecture: Techniques to Improve Student Proof-Writing Across the Curriculum. Mathematical Association of American Press.

2016    "Property Analysis and Stringency Hierarchies." Vancouver Phonology Circle. Simon Fraser University.

2016    "Recursive Join Learning Using Candidate Maps." Manchester Phonology Meeting 24, Fringe Meeting on Computation and Learnability in Phonology. Manchester Phonology Meeting. University of Manchester.

2016    (with Natalie DelBusso) "Aligning Categories: Joins and Properties." 2nd Workshop on the Formal Structure of OT Typologies. University of Verona, Italy.

2016    (with Jason Riggle) OT Grammars, Beyond Partial Orders: ERC Sets and Antimatroids. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 34:241. 

2015    "Quantity Sensitivity and a Property Analysis." Workshop on the Formal Structure of OT Typologies. Rutgers University.

2014    Recursive Join Learning with Candidate Maps. Ms. Eckerd College.

2014    The Unitary Derivational Tree. Phonology 2014, MIT, Cambridge MA.

2013    Ordered Operations in Harmonic Serialism. Phonology 2013, UMass, Amherst, MA.

2012    Learning ranking information from unspecified overt forms using the join. Chicago Linguistic Society. ROA-1146.

2008    Discovering Underlying Forms: Contrast Pairs and Rankings. Ph.D. diss. Rutgers University. ROA-964.

Current Courses

Summer 2018 - No courses

Various Courses Taught

Computational Linguistics, Mathematical Logic, Real Analysis I&II, Abstract Algebra I&II, Introduction to Topology, Learnability and Linguistic Theory, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Calculus I&II

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