Battle of Charleroi

The French attack with a huge army the Prussian detachment at Charleroi. Stand the ground is out of question due to the odds so the Prussian general tries to evade his army. If he wins his army will moved unscratched to Ligny. If he is defeated he will lose two VP per unit. 

Attacker: French 1750 points

Defender: Prussians 1750 points


This map is not entirely accurate but shows what you can do with Army Builder program and the Army Templates I created. As you may see the French attack on their left flank but the mobile cavalry threats the entire line.

The battlefield.  There is an enclosed field at left, two houses at the center an two crop fields. Do not pay any attention to Hexagons. They are just decorative. As any wargamer knows the Earth is flat and with an hex grid. We can not see the hexes since they are too big. Round? You must be kidding! 

The game starts. Here we have both armies deployed an ready to battle. Unfortunately we do not have all miniatures  painted and it is absolutely forbidden for us to play with unpainted miniatures. 

"Hey, we can not play today. They had just time to primer us with "Skull White" spray."

Prussian line is made of quite reliable troops eager to kill Frenchies and quite stubborn. They are not an easy army to defeat. Their only setbacks is they are not as glamours as other armies. You know, the now so famous German   austerity. You do not know what I mean? Don´t worry very soon you will do.

En avant! French are pushing! They attack in close packed columns. British army usually defeat this tactic but today it is not so clear the outcome.

The French cavalry charges gallantry to the Prussian artillery! It is a pity there is not any Lord Alfred Tennyson to write about them. ("Half a league, half a league, half a league onward, all in the valley of Death... What? they are Frenchies c´mon to hell with them! Go gunners go!) Maybe the poem would not have been so famous.

Prussian artillery devastates French charges they destroy an entire regiment and even kills its brave colonel. In close combat! This prussians just refuse to give ground!

On the Right flank things do not go better for Frenchs. Cavalry charges against prussian infantry formed in line...

...but it is repelled by the accurate fire of prussian line. I am sure this event will refresh the debate of if it is better keeping troops in line or attempting a hasty square when charged by cavalry. As Harry Callahan said "Do you feel lucky today?"

But things start to change on turn 3.  Two French Infantry columns charge towards the enclosed field and the Prussian leader intoxicated by its previous success try to do point blank fire...

...of course Prussians fail the Discipline Test and French Infantry cuts the battalion in to pieces.

When the line is broken all the enemy units try to exploit the gape. The enclosed field is covered now by a French tide.

"En avant mes enfants! Le victoire est à nous!"  The french infantry seems unstoppable and Prussian lines collapse under its pressure. But there is some clouds of dust in the horizon...

...Prussian cavalry has just arrived in the nick of time. Two Uhlan Regiment rush forward to to save the day. As a kind of Spanish bank on the verge of collapse Germans come to rescue them! 

"-Hallo Ich was promoted to Hauptman when an entire Italian battalion surrendered before me. They took away their guns, their belts, boots even trousers it was very weird because they were 400 and I was alone. 
- Did you caught them by surprise? charge boldly gun and sabre on hand?
- Nein actually I was naked  swimming in the river when they saw me and surrendered. Quite strange behaviour!"

Uhlans arrive an look a non very promising spectacle. Some French form in square to repel the charge but others supported by their own cavalry stand in column.  

Time of the braves, both cavalry units look each other waiting for the correct time to press forward! Prussian cavalry is repelled by infantry in column and is left in a disadvantageous position.

French chasseurs take advantage of such a pretty chance and charges to the rear of Uhlans.

A bitter struggle takes place. But do not suffer very much for them, cavalryman never hurts each other too much. Only one prussian stand is destroyed but Uhlans flees in disarray and quite in dishonour.

On the right flank prussians stands in line to repel a cavalry charge but they are scattered by horsemen that make a breakthrough charge destroying a second battalion and closing the trap. Charleroi is almost surrounded by French.

The second Uhlan regiment tries to save the day charging the victorious French chasseurs. Poorly coordination with their sister battalion is causing the defeat. However, in NaW you never know until the last turn.

"Reform mes camarades, the prussians are coming again!!"

Prussian cavalry is formed in a better formation than French for the coming close combat. The cold steel wil decide the victor! 

But as Le Baron du Jomini said: "When I speak of excellent French cavalry; i refer to its impetuous bravery, and not to its perfection" Outmanoeuvred and confronting to lances the French cavalry agains odds prevails.  Le Victoire est Francaise!! 

Napoleon is happy and cheers for the victory with the French general. Unfortunately they can not share the triumph with the two  French brave cavalry colonels fallen in combat.

FRENCH: 26 Points of glory
PRUSSIAN: 9 Points of glory.

As a result of the French victory the Army placed at Laneffe (Pecheux Division at the head) moves in support advance to Charleroi. The Prussians suffer the lose of two PV per unit and what left of them retrats to Ligny to join the rest of Prussian Army.