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Nawras Security Package

A new security package that contains Nawras PC Supervisor, Nawras Logon Register and Nawras Keylogger with a new XP look. And as usual, it is a freeware program.

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Nawras PC Supervisor 3.0

A free program that helps you to put restrictions on users Windows XP's accounts, in order to restrict them from accessing specific features.

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Nawras Logon Register

A free program helps you watch who signed in/out to your PC, at any time (hours, minutes and seconds) and when (date), so you can know who use it.

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Nawras Files Splitter v4.5

A free tool that split any file to a group of files with lower size, which makes the file transportation easier and especially over internet or using floppy disks, flash disks or even cds.

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