This site exists to provide a free distribution site for the fonts and keyboard necessary to read and write Southern Pomo, an indigenous language of Northern California.

Southern Pomo

Click on the link below to download a package containing the Southern Pomo Keyboard Layout. The package contains SIL's Gentium Plus font installer, which is recommended for proper display of certain characters, and images of the keyboard layout.

Directions (for Windows):
  1. Click on the link below
  2. Download the compressed folder
  3. Extract everything
  4. Go to the Gentium font folder and download/install (follow the prompts, click agree, etc.)
  5. Go the the keyboard installer folder and pick the installer with the number beginning with 3 (for 32 bit)
  6. Click on the installer icon and respond in the affirmative to any prompts (might not have any)
  7. It will tell you when it's done, and you should see EN listed in the lower right-hand corner (or as a toolbar up top)
  8. Click on EN (for English) and you should see a choice between the English keyboard you normally use and a Mohawk keyboard
  9. Choose the Mohawk keyboard--it's actually a Southern Pomo keyboard
    • If you don't automatically see the keyboard options, go to the control panel, go to languages, go to change keyboard, and then select Mohawk (and the Pomo keyboard under Mohawk)
  10. Go online and type the letters /ay;a;kge jahnu and you should see ʔay:a:kʰe čahnu
  11. Refer to the two keyboard layout images (one of lower case, one of shift+key), which are included in the download, to see which keys are associated with each symbol for further typing
  12. Always use the Gentium Plus font within Word documents in order to display diacritics properly

Download Southern Pomo Keyboard (Mac - in progress)