That is a wrap up for Episode 1 of NCIS: Crossover and we will jump into Episode 2 on Tuesday.

Here are today's update . . .

NCIS: LA | Episode 3, Title
NCIS: Crossover | Episode 1, Page 27

Here is my to do list . . . For Layouts

NCIS: Crossover | Episode 7(Starting with Page 1 while the cover and title pages already have been released) FINISH

Sleepy Hollow | Issue 17(Starting with Page 4)

NCIS | Episode 8(Starting with Page 18)

NCIS: LA | Episode 7(Starting with Page 10)

NCIS: NYC | Episode 4

Their all listed for layouts.

NCIS: Cyber will be coming soon, but I will let you guys know when it will debut and the cast.  Right now, I already have the scripts finish for the second episode of the series.  I know that we just debut NCIS: New York, like a while ago.  And the series is plan to have at least 8 seasons long, so the series won't be that long.

NCIS: Red will also be coming soon, but am soon will start writing the scripts for the first episode.  The question is, what day will NCIS: Cyber and Red will update on?  That is a good question.

NCIS: Cyber is coming Soon

NCIS: Red is Coming Soon

NCIS: Chicago is Coming Soon

NCIS: Miami is Coming Soon

NCIS: Hawaii is Coming Soon

I have unannounced the renewals for each show and with my computer down . . .

Still waiting for the renew of ...
~NCIS: Los Angeles
~NCIS: New Orleans
~NCIS: New York
~Crossover Series
(NCIS & NCIS: Los Angeles are expected to get renewed)

Already renewed ...