1. Theatre Competitions: Participating in competitions  help children explore their feelings and lessen their fears. Navjeet took initiative to help children to exhibit their talents through helping them to participate in theatre competitions. 16 children from Awale exhibited their theatre skills in the play Paisa Bolta Hai at the Athavan Kala Manch Children’s Theatre Competition held on 9th January 2017. At the Balko (BMC Competition) held on 9th January 2017. 22 children from the English Section of Supari Tank Municipal School enacted a play on the Environment and won the 2nd prize, and 11 children from the Marathi Section also took part in the play Zawabdar kaun and won the consolation prize. E:\PHOTOS FOR ANNUAL REPORT\P_20170109_140257.jpg


  1. Assistance to apply for PAN card - 9th and 23rd January 2017:  63 villagers from Ambyachapada,Vihirichapada and Dhobipada were assisted in applying for PAN, which serves as an identity proof for financial transactions. For them this is a big achievement of possessing the important document.

 E:\PHOTOS FOR ANNUAL REPORT\P_20170111_114303.jpg

  1. Session on Animal Husbandry - 11th January 2017: 48 members from Jambulpada attended a talk given by Dr Patil, Officer from the Animal Husbandry Department which will be beneficial to motivate and train cattle owners, to undertake enterprising activity in different spheres of development.



  1. Distribution of home appliances to Bharari group -  16th January 2017 : 18 girls from the Barari group of Ambyachapada, were provided daily living necessities and kitchen utensils to help them learn the art of cooking and reduce malnutrition.  Pressure cookers, mixer grinders, fry pans, and other household necessities were distributed among the group to provide the families a new start in life, thus building self esteem and confidence.

E:\PHOTOS FOR ANNUAL REPORT\IMG_20170116_182604.jpg


  1. Haldi Kumkum celebration, biogas and housing inauguration and distribution of solar lamps – 21st January 2017 : 120 girls and women assembled for the celebration where they put up various dance performances as  part of Haldi Kumkum program. 2 houses and 3 biogas plants were also inaugurated in Jambulpada. 42 families from Junavanepada and Kashivali received solar lamps from Navjeet to help extend their workday and do extra activity through home industries.



E:\PHOTOS FOR ANNUAL REPORT\P_20170121_152829.jpgE:\PHOTOS FOR ANNUAL REPORT\P_20170121_134638.jpg


  1. Session on Acupressure - 25th January 2017 :  17 women were present at a talk where Ms Diana from Health Promotion Trust spoke about how pressing a point on the body through Acupressure, has a healing effect.


  1. Session on Female Feticide – 30th January 2017 : 38 women listened attentively to Advocate Kavita Ranade from Legal Aid Centre who spoke on the topic of Female feticide, an old practice which takes place among uneducated, poor sections of the Indian society due to causes such as poverty and dowry system.


  1. Inter-Balwadi Sports day - 2nd February 2017:  120 children from 7 Navjeet Balwadi centers took part in Sports Day at St Andrew’s School ground. The day offered a perfect platform for the children who showcased their never give-up spirit in various sports like races, relays, and other games. Medals, trophies and certificates were distributed to the winners and Petit School which won 25 medals, bagged the trophy for the Best performance.


  1. Community Cultural Programme   -  9th February 2017 : Cultural activities are not more than just entertainment, but help to build communities, and Navjeet organized a Community Cultural Programme for tribal villagers of Kasara where 1200 tribal villagers got together to showcase their traditions and talents in 32 folk and tribal dances which they performed. A stall selling nutritious food items prepared by village youth group members formed part of the programme.



  1. Housing cum income generation innovation - 9th February 2017 : As part of rural projects in Ambyachapada, Navjeet provided 3 houses, 4 bio gas plants, a flour mill and construction material including motor pump to create income generation activities for the tribal youth in Shahapur taluka. It was inaugurated 9th February 2017.

E:\PHOTOS FOR ANNUAL REPORT\inaguration of flour mill 9th feb.JPGE:\PHOTOS FOR ANNUAL REPORT\inaguration of housing feb-9th.JPG

  1. Inter-School Drama and Dance Competition and a Science Exhibition – 17th February 2017: Navjeet which is focused on bringing about a qualitative change in the lives of underprivileged children through holistic education, organized  the inter-school competition at Awale village in Shahapur Taluka.  550  students from 32 schools engaged themselves in a healthy and exciting competition through dance and drama, which provides opportunities for the child to realize his/her inner capabilities and talents, and the science exhibition where students presented their designs and models on solar lighting and composting, through posters and makeshift models.IMG_20170217_165439IMG_20170217_104443 (1)


  1. International Women's Day programme - 5th March 2017 : Navjeet, who in its constant endeavor to empower women since 1978 celebrated International Women's Day, at Apostolic Carmel High School hall. Be Bold for Change, the theme was food for thought for our women to be courageous and to realize their rights and make our world a better place to live in. IMG_1766

The function was attended by above 550 women from our self help groups and Mahila Mandals in Bandra East & West and Khar as well as rural women from Shahapur. IMG-20170307-WA0025




  1. Health Camps  - 8th to 10th & 15th March 2017 : Apart from emphasis on learning, Navjeet also works towards improving the health and nutrition of children in all our centres. 163 balwadi children attended various health camps where medicines were distributed free of cost.


  1. Eye Camp – 23rd March 2017   : Navjeet and Bachooali Hospital, Parel together organized 2 eye check up camps for the villagers of Ambyachapada and Borichapada. Many of the villagers got their eyes checked, and some of them were detected with Cataract while  others were referred to hospitals for other ailments and further treatment.


  1. Session on effects of early marriages – 24th March 2017 : 46 women from Jambulpada and Borichapada listened attentively to our staff Smita D’Britto speak on how children below marriageable age would be deprived of education, health and their rights, if their marriages were performed at an early age because they would not be physically developed and mentally prepared for marital life, and hence performing child marriages is socially and legally incorrect.