by William L. Sullivan
New Hikes in Eastern Oregon

Oregon's hiking guru takes you on a slide show tour of a dozen new trails he discovered while researching his book, "100 Hikes/Travel Guide: Eastern Oregon."  Discover a hidden valley in the Wallowas, a historic ranch at SteensMountain, a little-known waterfall near Bend, and a wildflower ridge north of Fort Rock.  We'll even explore a microbrewery near Joseph and a retro hot springs resort at Summer Lake.  As always, Sullivan spices his talk with notes on the geology, wildlife, and history of the land.

Sullivan is the author of a dozen books about Oregon, including "Oregon Trips & Trails," "Oregon's Greatest Natural Disasters," Hiking Oregon's History, and the popular “100 Hikes” series.  His journal of a 1000-mile hike he took across Oregon in 1985, “Listening for Coyote,” was chosen by the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission as one of Oregon’s “100 Books,” the 100 most significant books in the state’s history.  He has also written a memoir and three novels.