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Aldrich Butte & Table Mountain

Moderate (to Aldrich Butte)
3.6 miles round trip
1100 feet elevation gain
Open all year

Difficult (to Table Mountain)
8.6-mile loop
3380 feet elevation gain 

Left: View from Aldrich Butte

Table Mountain launched a gigantic landslide 550 years ago that shoved the Columbia south, left a ragged cliff, and sparked the legend of a “Bridge of the Gods” that made it briefly possible to cross the Columbia River with dry feet. Today the Pacific Crest Trail crosses a steel Bridge of the Gods on its way to Table Mountain’s cataclysmic cliff.

Although the PCT is the best developed path in the area, a rougher shortcut opened in 2008, shaving miles off the hike to Table Mountain. And if your knees shiver at the propsect of the steep final pitch up “Heartbreak Ridge” to the top of the cliff, choose the moderate hike to Aldich Mountain’s viewpoint instead.

From Vancouver, drive...

Start by walking uphill...

Other Options
If you don’t like rough trails...

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