advanced actions in the taskbar addressbar and in browser addressbars 

by typing x into the taskbar addressbar and hiting the Enter key you can access folders, files, favorites, recent + history entries.

the Win addressbar , the fastest Win explorer

reqiuerement for the xyz + Enter technique ► Inline autocomplieting for webaddresses↓ *

second way ► type a starting digit ( ► expand the address menu ) ► klick one of the shown entries
3rd way ► type the file,- foldername or url (without http:// and www )

DEMO: 4 aims , typed '1''1f''1c' '1m'and finished with 'ENTER'

slower 3 aims -_- flash mirror

use logical shortcuts (= Address.Initials ) + ENTER
i.e.'1c' for ( 1c .url )
'mf' ' for " my files" (shortcut "mf .lnk)
' nb ' or 'nbg ' for this site ( nb ....url )
'-nb ' for a saved copy from this site (-nb .....html) '-' as a prefix for local files

Notes : The Ie explore + win explorer addressbars are acting like you see it in the flash demo.
On older pc´s <500mhz you will notice a delay <1sec between typing and auto appending

* inline autocomplieting : try in xp ( undo )
or Ie Tools internet options advanced