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The purpose behind Kimiya was to create a Max/MSP environment that is flexible enough so in real-time the user could transform an event from performative into immersive, interactive, and etc all in one continuum. 

Kimiya can be dynamically programed, routed and adapted for various purposes. For example, the performer could process the incoming sounds manually and then with a simple preset change he could leave the stage and the laptop to perform on it's own while the random parameter distributors take over the dynamics of the outcome. With the aid of a few sensors and interfaces a performance could then be at once transformed into an interactive environment. 

Through creative uses of Kimiya one can create an alchemical continuum between the performative, interactive and machinic space. This continuum puts an end to many strict definitions which are limiting the explosive and enchanting possibilities of the current event-sound performances. 


  • Live instruments/acoustics with processing
  • Installation Art
  • Live Electronics
  • Stage/Performance Sound
  •  etc... 

Currently Kimiya is used in the following projects:

*If you do something intersting with Kimiya let me know and I will include you in this list