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The following excerpts were made using Kimiya along with live-input

Kite, April 2008:

  • [The input for these files were from two piezo mics picking up vibrations of a kite-string (which acts like a wind harp). Not that my source input had a very restricted frequency band due to a low-tech FM transmitter as my cable. ...missing clear highs... .]

Meat-Cave, April 2008:

  • [Various harpsichord wires were soldered to a piezo mic in an installation (picture below) and the mono input was fed into Kimiya to be processed dynamically and interactively through sensing and data mapping. Touching any of the suspended objects (meat, strings, chair,...) resulted in the movement of all of the artifacts and caused the wires to vibrate. Kimiya enhanced these these poor acoustic sounds and even transformed them into a sonic paranoia if the user's interactions were aggressive.]