Staff 2019


Michele Connor
201-991-6060 ext 205

Michele has been a member of NAVES since 2011 and has previously served as a squad trustee, Michele enjoys being and EMT and helping those in the community. 

Vice President               
Matthew Miller
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Matthew Miller has been a NAVES member since 2014, Matthew has been serving on the executive board as the squad Secretary for the last year and was just reelected to another 2 year term. Matt is a professional Fire Fighter for the township of Kearny.

Zachary Santi
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Melanie Bendezu
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Melanie has been a member of NAVES since 2015 and was recently elected to the trustee position, and now serves as the squad secretary she looks forward to serving the squad in her new position and continues to serve as an EMT to the township residents  

Frankie Huscha
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Frankie has been a member of NAVES since 2015, Frankie loves being an EMT and helping people and looks forward to serving as squad trustee. Frankie is also a Crew Chief. 

Operations Staff

Christopher Imbrenda  
201-991-6060 ext 202

Chris has been a member of NAVES since 2006 & a life member of the squad. He is also an american heart association CPR instructor, teaches Defensive Driving as well as CEVO - Coaching the emergency vehicle operator. Chris has previously severed the squad as the Treasure for 4 years and an Operations Lieutenant for 6 years. Chris loves being a member of the squad and volunteering with his second family his fellow squad members. Chris came from and information technology background and uses those skills to help build and run the squad website, as well as the members only intranet & serves as the squads administrator for the electronic patient care system. Chris also is a member of Bergen county EMS special operations group and is trained in rescue task force & confined space awareness, HAZMAT, CBRNE operations, Incident Command & Staging area management. Chris was honored as EMT of the year in 2007. 

George McDermott
 ext 202

George has been a member of NAVES since 1991 and is a life member of the squad. Celebrating 25 years of volunteer ems service to the community. George has previously served the squad as President, Vice President, Treasure, Secretary, Lieutenant and Captain. George is also a volunteer Fire Fighter for the borough of North Arlington. George Also serves on the Board of Health and is the President and serves on the Board of Education, George is also the chair man of the municipal alliance. George is also and American Heart Association CPR instructor. George has been honored as EMT of the year in 2002, and also as Fire Fighter of the Year. George is one of the longest actively riding members of the squad.

Nicole Pinho
 ext 202

Nicole has been a member of NAVES since 2014 and has previously served as Crew Chief as well as the squad secretary and Vice President. Nicole was name citizen of the year for 2016 by Mayor Joseph Bianchi for her tremendous efforts in volunteering, Nicole is also a member of the North Arlington CERT team (community emergency response team). Nicole is now overseeing operations of the squads bike team as biking and playing soccer are some of her favorite past time activities. Nicole is also a registered Nurse. Nicole was named EMT of the year for 2017 in risking her own safety and assisting in the rescue of an individual who was trapped in there vehicle when it overturned, Nicoel climbed into vehicle to provide immediate emergency medical care for a patient.


Operational Assistant 
Hipaa Compliance & Privacy Officer 
James Sackerman
ext 206

James has been a member of NAVES since 2003 and is currently serving as the squad Hipaa Compliance & Privacy Officer. James is a life member of NAVES and was names EMT of the year in 2010, James has previously served the squad as a crew chief and operations Lieutenant. James is a trained rescue technician and Rescue task force trained.