Special Operations

Bike Team

Founded in 2016 the North Arlington EMS bike team allows members to bring emergency medical services to places where ambulances are not immediately available. Special bikes are used to carry equipment commonly found in ambulances.  The bike team is used for Parades, mass gatherings, Passaic River races, 5k’s, concerts in the park and various other special events. The bike team members maintain the bikes and equipment to keep them ready at all times. The bike team is available to respond out of North Arlington to assist other surrounding towns with mass gatherings and special events. If you would like more information about the bike team please feel free to contact the squad captain or special operations lieutenant.

Bike Team First Event Memorial Day Mass Holy Cemetery
Left to Right
Laurence Schraiber
Lt. Steven Cicala
Nicole Pinho
Joseph Miller
Our Bike Team also covered the North Arlington Memorial Day Parade and assisted in treating 2 patients that day that became ill along the parade route.
Honor Guard 
The North Arlington EMS honor guard was formally established in 2016. The purpose of the Honor Guard is to “honor the fallen.”  The Honor Guard is present at all funerals of life members and active riding members. The Honor Guard is available upon request of the family through the Captain or Special Operations Lieutenant. Honor Guard members go through additional training to always perform the best and look the best when called upon. The honor guard is also available to present a “color line” at events.