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Conference Proceedings:

  • Naveen N. KulkarniSystematically Selecting a Software Module during Opportunistic Reuse. ICSE 2013 Doctoral Symposium: 1405-1406 [pdf]
  • Jae young Bang, Ivo Krka, Nenad MedvidovicNaveen N. Kulkarni, and Srinivas PadmanabhuniHow Software Architects Collaborate: Insights from Collaborative Software Design in Practice. ICSE 2013 CHASE Workshop: 41-48 [pdf]
  • Naveen N. Kulkarni, Deepti Parachuri, Madhuri Dasa, Abhishek Kumar: Automated Analysis of Textual Use-Cases: Does NLP Components and Pipelines Matter? APSEC 2012: 326-329 [pdf]

  • Krishnendu Kunti, Naveen Kulkarni:  Exploring the Convergence of Service Management Paradigms in Enterprises. In Web Services Journal  Vol.7 No. 5 (2007) [Online]
  • Naveen Kulkarni et al.: Inducing behavioral adaptations within SOA and Web services. In Web Services Journal Vol. 6  No. 2 (2006) [Online]

  • Extensible collaborative software modeling, US Patent App. 13/271,008, 2011[Link]
  • Computer implemented method for analyzing service based systems using similarity estimates, inference and business models, 2013, US Patent 8457998 [Link]