My research interests gravitate around the economics of social networks, ranging from bargaining and allocation of the value of a network among its participants to consumption decision under network effects where there is uncertainty about the final size and shape of the network. Although I have mainly done game theoretical contributions, I have also flirted with experiments (on bargaining) thanks to Róbert Veszteg, whom I met in Navarra (currently at Waseda University, Japan), with finance, thanks to Fabio Castiglionesi, a PhD co-student at Carlos III (currently at Tilburg University, Netherlands), and with transportation economics, thanks to the post doc I did in CRT, Université de Montréal, under the supervision of Róbert Gagné, already a few years ago.

My research up to now has been published in Games and Economic Behavior, Journal of Economic Psychology, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Social Choice and Welfare, and The BE Journal of Theoretical Economics. Please feel free to navigate below and thank you for your visit.

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