Photojournalism and Documentary Studies majors are encouraged to join and participate in PJ/One, a student and community photography and photojournalism group, promotes and encourages photojournalism at NAU, in Flagstaff, Arizona and the Southwest Region.

When professionals donate their framed artwork to the PJ/One Spring Auction, it allows the group to bring some of the very best photojournalists and photographers to Flagstaff. A few speakers who have come to NAU include world famous and National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale, Pulitzer winner Carol Guzy, National Photographer of the Year Rick Loomis, Maggie Steber, Jack Dykinga, Jeff Kida, Paul Mobley and Seattle Times Photojournalist Alan Berner. This year, we brought back Seattle Times photojournalist Erika Schultz to work with our students on a fall project. She is a graduate of NAU.

When these speakers come to Flagstaff, they look at student work and help students assemble their portfolios. They also provide contacts for internships and possible jobs. 
The presentations they give are free to the Flagstaff and NAU communities, thanks to the support of generous support and success of the auction.

Proceeds from the auction help students in other ways. PJ/One assists students in attending top photo seminars, like the International Pictures of the Year in Missouri and College Pictures of the Year in Missouri, Sports Shooter Acadamy in California and other photojournalism seminars.

Funds from the auction also help students who are doing serious project work by taking some of the financial burden off their shoulders, allowing them to do long-term photojournalism and documentary work. PJ/One has also assisted financially strapped students travel back and forth to Arizona Republic Internships.

We are currently working on becoming a non-profit 501(c) organization.