B.S. degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Photojournalism and Documentary Studies

Documentarians tell the stories of our time. They report on events that influence communities and individuals, whether it’s telling the story of a Tibetan refugee in India or interviewing an artist in Sedona, Arizona.  

The undergraduate and graduate programs in Documentary Studies at Northern Arizona University's School of Communication offer opportunities for students to explore diverse approaches to documentary work with DSLR cinema, audio, multimedia, photography, nonfiction writing, and print journalism. 

The undergraduate program is an emphasis of the school's Journalism major that integrates critical thinking, writing, photojournalism, and video-journalism in an interdisciplinary exploration ideally suited to prepare students for today's world of cutting-edge multimedia journalism.

The graduate program in Documentary Studies is now accepting applications. In this program, students will:

  1. Engage a theoretical and historical understanding of documentary as rooted in the traditions of creative storytelling and social critique.
  2. Apply heightened skills of observation, critical thinking, and creativity to the stories of untold, under-reported, and under-represented issues and peoples and bringing these stories to the public eye.
  3. Create and distribute a variety of documentary projects in different forms at an advanced level to a diverse set of populations.
  4. Realize that production tools and techniques are a means to author a unique point of view shaped by the documentarian's philosophical sensibilities and ways of perceiving the world.

Our graduate program provides a solid grounding in communication and documentary theories, as well as intensive research and fieldwork providing students with professional production skills in storytelling, combined with the ability to critically analyze media in terms of both content and craft.

The undergraduate and graduate programs are set in the midst of the striking and diverse Southwest. With its manifold Native American communities, immigration issues, high desert landscapes, canyons and mountains (including the Grand Canyon and other national parks), NAU's Colorado Plateau setting provides a rich palette for the budding storyteller.  

For more information, contact Kurt Lancaster: kurt.lancaster@nau.edu.