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Boetseren met Water en Land (1992)

15 minuten, in opdracht van Rijkswaterstaat Directie Zeeland.
Deze documentaire laat de eerste ontwikkelingsfase van de natuur zien na de voltooiing van de Deltawerken. Rijkswaterstaat probeert hier zoveel mogelijk voorwaarden te scheppen, opdat de natuur weer een kans krijgt. Niet alleen grootschalige projecten krijgen aandacht. Ook bermen, sloten en oeverhoekjes spelen een rol bij de natuurontwikkeling. Waar nodig voert Rijkswaterstaat een actief beheer en boetseert zo met water en land.
Filmverhuur: Topcast 0575 – 52 74 20 
Info: RWS 0118 - 68 60 00 (1992; 16mm en VHS)
Modelling with water and land (1992)
15 minutes with a Dutch and English narration, commissioned by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management; Directorate-General for Public Works; Division Zeeland. On 16 mm and VHS.

The Delta Project in the south-west of the Netherland has led to enormous changes for the natural environment. The Dutch are steering these developments towards the creation of a new, natural balance. Here integral water management is being put into practice. But it is not only larger-scale projects which play a part in the development of the natural environment, verges, ditches and unused corners of land, also make their contribution. Where necessary Public Works is involved in active management: modeling with water and land.

The coastal region of Zeeland in the Netherlands is an attractive area, where people like to live, work and recreate. There is room for plants and animals as well. It is also a water-collection area. All these interests play a part in the management of the coastal belt, but protection against the sea still comes first!

For centuries the Dutch have fought against the flooding of the sea. The Delta Plan was the answer to that battle against the water. With the completion of the Delta Works Zeeland is now protected. But that does not mean that the struggle with the water is over.

Haagsche Courant, 20 June 1992 
‘…The film shows how Public Works assists Nature in adjusting to the changes wrought by the Delta Works……filmers treading uncharted fields…’ 


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