Naturist Club for Men (男子天體娛家)

Nudist Warning (Male adult only):
This naturist/nudist website contains information about nudism/naturism. This nudist web and its activities are restricted to and privileged for male adult only. Please leave if you age below 18 or not nudist. Thank you.

This Group originates from a class of male nudists who gather regularly to practice Nude Yoga. We've later set up a email group to enhance communication between group members and sometime organize other activities.

Nudist Disclaimer
Everyone self-responsible: Visitors/Participants are solely and fully responsible. No one will assume responsibility or risks arising from or in connection with this website.

Nudist Missions and Visions
Appreciation on Naturism - promote healthy body concept
Organization of Naturist Events - facilitate leisure entertainment
Unionization of Naturists - interlink similar hobbyists

Nudist Events and Activities
Yoga Class; Body, Dance Workshop; Massage Class; Photography Workshop; Others
General Enquiry:- Nicholas
Phone: +852 66853517 (call display, please)
Facebook: Fans Club
  • 不得攝影。收起手提電話及有攝錄功能的儀器。
  • 關掉手機及所有響鬧裝置。
  • 預先報名。準時出席。
  • 上課前保持身體潔淨。
  • 自備所需用品。坐在毛巾上,確保衛生。
  • 幫助清潔,帶走帶來的物品。
  • 適當的目光,不要凝視別人別人的身體。
  • 被免不受歡迎的身體接觸。