Orkney's natural world

Tim Dean has been working in the natural world and sharing wildlife since 1975. He will take you to the best places in Orkney to see the best of the county's rich natural heritage.

Nature Watch Orkney
- personalised tours, walks, strolls, or simply observing with Tim Dean, author of the Orkney Book of Birds (2008) and the Orkney Book of Wildflowers (2014).

Nature Watch Orkney will help you see the best of Orkney's wildlife. Tim Dean will try to fulfil your wishes; whether it is hiking over the hills to see moorland birds (hen harriers, short-eared owls, red-throated divers), wandering the cliffs to see (and smell) the seabird colonies, photographing Scottish Primrose, observing Grey Seal pups or simply enjoying a journey through the National Scenic Area and the Heart of Neolithic Orkney. Not only can Nature Watch Orkney take you to spectacular scenery, birds, flowers and mammals, it can take you where you are likely to see no one else - at least for a while!

Suggested essentials for your time with Nature Watch Orkney:
Binoculars and camera - (binoculars can be borrowed).

Strong footwear (walking boots or wellingtons) and suitable clothing that can withstand Orkney's weather which is occasionally hot but mostly cool, sometimes windy and sometimes wet. Please wear subdued colours.

Refreshments: walks and tours will include a picnic break - bring a packed lunch and a drink. I'll bring the biscuits.

How to contact Nature Watch Orkney
phone: 01856 876679 or 07879630435
email: timdean4@hotmail.comĀ