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This section of Nature's Wallpaper contains all kinds of plants from all around the world. Enjoy! 

 Reminds us that Spring is right around the corner... This was captured by Lynda Walldez

Click to enlarge this crazy iced rose...  

Focal Black and White was used in this picture of a Rose Of Sharon... 

A beautiful picture!  Great detail in this shot by Lynda Walldez.  


 Close-up pine cones thanks to Better Than MTV... 

Just a splash of color in this shot

More from the Rose of Sharon! One of the more amazing plants that we have run across.

Yet another great picture from Lynda Walldez be sure to check out all of her work here!

An ear of corn is pictured here. This particular corn patch was located just outside of Detroit, Michigan. 

 Mother nature sure knows how to use a paint brush... another contribution by Lynda Walldez


 A white Rose Of Sharon... purity!

Like fireworks... 

Here is a baby watermellon just in the beginning stages!

 But Wait There Is More!!!!!!

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