If you don't know what insect species you've seen but you know what general category of insects it is in, there are some 'provisional names' that have been added to NatureShare to help you. For example, you can simply enter the common name you are familiar with, such as 'beetle' (Coleoptera spp.), 'weevil', 'praying mantis', 'katydid', 'mole cricket', 'dragonfly', 'butterfly', etc, chances are it is in NatureShare.

Just about every generic name is in NatureShare. If you ever find out the species name or hone in on a more specific name (eg. which family it is in), that can changed later.

This also acts as a stop-gap until more comprehensive species lists become available.

Click on this link to see all the generic names for insects. Note that there are many more provisional names entered for species groups already fully uploaded (eg. butterflies, moths, dragonflies, grasshoppers).

The names in this list are largely provided in the excellent and widely available book:
Zborowski, P. and Storey, R. (2010) A Field Guide to Insects in Australia. Hew Holland.
... with additional material accessed via the ANIC CSIRO website.