Compounding Custom Medications to Your Individual Needs

Nature's Pharmacy and Compounding Center specializes in compounding custom medications to meet the unique needs of patients. We compound prescriptions for humans and animals according to physicians' specifications. We work closely with local physicians, hospitals, and veterinarians to provide medications tailored to meet specific needs of our patients. We provide strengths and dosage forms that are not available commercially from manufacturers.

We compound medications to specifically meet needs for patients requiring different dosage form, such as a liquid or transdermal product who cannot swallow pills, patients who need medication that have been voluntarily taken off-market by the manufacturers due to low-profitability, patients requiring allergen-free medications due to specific allergies, patients requiring limited dosage strengths, such as low doses for infants and children. 

We compound numerous dosage forms that are just right for animals, birds, and pets of various sizes and species. We also provide flavoring options suitable for the type of animal.  We compound combination products for humans and animals requiring two or more medications into single administration compounds for better compliance, easier administration, and more economical. We also provide spray nutrients, which are easy to give to pets and animals.

We specialize compounding medications for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, chronic pain management, infertility, gastroentology, podiatry, dermatology, dental procedures, sports medicine, and wound care.