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CategoryTopicLinkAuthor(s) TeamChief Editor
CategoryTopicLinkAuthor(s) TeamChief Editor
Management Science Communication Science Communication  Abhay Singh 
Science Pure and Applied Physics Pure and Applied Physics   
Science Pure and Applied Chemistry Pure and Applied Chemistry   
Science Pure and Applied Maths Pure and Applied Maths   
Science Lithosphere Science Lithosphere(Solid Earth) Science geometocea  
Science Space Science spaceexploration geometocea  
Science Natural Chemistry Natural Chemistry geometocea  
Science Atmospheric Science Atmospheric Science geometocea  
Science Oceanography Oceanography geometocea  
Science Ocean Atmosphere Boundary Interaction Ocean Atmosphere Boundary Interaction geometocea  
Science Earth Science geometocea geometocea  
Science Natural Biology Biosphere geometocea  
Science Climate Change and Variability Climate Change and Variability geometocea Gibies George 
Science Tropical Cyclone Tropical Cyclone geometocea Sumesh K G 
Science MGP CUSAT marinegeophysicscusat mgpcusat Faizal 
Science Oceanographic Resources Oceanographic Resources oceancusat Jaffer Sharif 
Technology 4D variable Computation 4D variable Computation geometocea  
Technology Remote Sensing Technology remotesensingandobservation geometocea  
Technology Computation, Modelling and Simulation modellingearth geometocea Gibies George 
Technology Information Technology  Information World Sijo Abraham (single author) Sijo Abraham 
Technology Open License System opensoftwaresolution Technos  
Technology Computer Network System Computer Network System Technos  
Showing 23 items