Achievements & Activities

Conservation of Golden Langur and Their Habitats(1982-1994):
One of the great achievements of Nature'sBeckon is the discovery of the Golden Langur(Trachypithecus
geei) in the forest of Chakrashila Hills Reserve of Dhubri District.The habitat was heretofore unknown to the Zoologist of the World.Conservation of Golden Langur was one of the most successful projects implemented by Nature's Beckon.The project has been successful in protecting and preserving Golden Langures and their habitats at Chakrashila Hill Forests.Nature's Beckon was instrumental in raising the status of Chakrashila to that of a Wildlife Sanctuary.Chakrashila is the only protected habitat(Sanctuary) of the Golden Langur all over the World.The efforts of Nature's Beckon to save the Golden Langur of Chakrashila started in the year 1982 and continued for twelve years,till 1994.Apart from Golden Langur,the activist of Nature's Beckon have identified various endangered species of animals in the forest and wetlands of the North-East Region.

Brahmaputra Barak Valley Natural Environmental Awareness Campaign(1988):

This was the first All Assam Environmetal Awareness Campaign ever organized in Assam.Through this campaign Nature's Beckon was successful in motivating the youth of Assam to save the rich wildlife of the state.After this campaign several nature clubs were formed through out the state and wildlife conservation and environment movement took its firm root in Assam.This campaign was organized by Nature's Beckon in the year 1988.
Nature's Beckon organised awareness programmes in varoius places of Assam throughout the year.These include Conservation Oriented Art Competiton,Exhibition,Procession,Street Drama,Debate,Poster Campaign,Slide Show and Cultural Programmes.Seminars and workshops are also organized,some of which are held on the auspicious days like "World Environment Day","Wild Life Week","Green Week" and "Earth Day"etc.

Baseline Survey of Protected areas of North East India(1989):
Under this project baseline survey of the protected areas started in the year 1989 and has been continuing till date.Under this project baseline survey has been completed at Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary,Manas National Park,Dibrusaikhowa National Park,Panidihing Wildlife Sanctuary,Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary and Dihing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary.

All Assam Wild Birds Preservation Campaign(1990):
A far reaching programme for the preservation of wild birds throughtout the State of Assam was convinced by Nature's Beckon and was implemented with vigorous publicity and action programme.To make this Programme effective,volunteer groups were formed all over the State with highly motivated youths.These volunteers created public-awareness about the need for preservation.They identified the markets where the poachers sell their catches and then with the help of the local administration and Forest Department officers rescued the birds and set them free in their natural habitats.This campaign has been proved to be effective and it is hoped with the continuation of this campaign poaching of wild birds in Assam will be greatly reduced.
The project commenced in the year 1990 and still continuing.

Environment Education in Schools(1992):
The lack of trained manpower has become a constraining factor in the Conservation Movements.To solve this problem,at least partially,Nature's Beckon has undertaken Environmental Education Programme under the able guidance of Environmental Educationists who are highly qualified and have completed various national and international Environmental Education Courses.Environmental Education Courses are often organized by Nature's Beckon in the form of Classroom lectures on theories.Workshops and Nature Orientation Camps are organized for indepth studies on the subjects.
Nature Orientation Camps are often organized inside the virgin forests to enable the student to get first hand knowledge of the various aspects of wildlife and bio-diversity in relation to the theories.This type of training also helps fostering among the students a sense of attachment with the Nature and highly motivate them to take up conservational works.The interdependence of all forms of animals and inanimate natural resources of an eco-system can be grasped well in the Nature Orientation Camp.
This initiative was first taken by Nature's Beckon in the year 1992 and is being continued till to-day.

Save Hoolock Gibbons and their habitats(1996):
Under this project all habitats of Hoolock Gibbons in Assam have been identified and steps have been initiated for their preservation.

Conservation and Awareness Drive for Five Big Mammals(1996-1997):
This Project Created awareness for the conservation of Elephant,Tiger,Gaur,Water Buffalo and Rhinocerous during the year 1996-1997.

Rainforest Conservation and Liveliho
od Support Programmes(19
In the past there were vast stretches of rainforest in the South-East region of Assam.These rainforests were sources of vast natural wealth including precious wildlife.But these forests had been severly exploited and not much attention were paid for the conservation of these valuable rainforests of Assam.These forests have now shrunk to minimum due to unplanned and unsustainable use of the forest.Even now,a vast majority of indigenous population of Assam depend directly or indirectly,on the resources of rainforests of Assam.Nature's Beckon has taken initiative for the  first time to conserve the rainforests of Assam.The organization has taken several steps to create awareness about the importance of the rainforests and for the socio-economic development of the indigenous people.They organize village meetings,workshops,capacity building programmes for the local youths,womens' training for sustainable livelihood,joyful learning for children,field training for identifying wildlife and their habitats.They also organize poster campaign,distribute pamphlets and bronchures during the photographic exhibitions and give training to the village youths for infrastructure buildings and resource mangement.
Nature's Beckon started identifying the rainforests of Assam and surveying the endangered species of these forests.The work is still in progress.

Most of the splendid rainforest of the past have been fragmented beyond recognition due to increased population,farming,industrialization and tes plantation.Fortunately,there are still three valuable rainforsts in Dibrugarah and Tinsukia districts.These are Joypur Reserved Forest(RF), Dihing RF and Dirak RF.These three magnificant rainforests are contiguous.Together they cover vast area,apporximately 500sq.kms and harbours large number of wild animals.These contiguous forests are the biggest rainforest zone in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam.Nature's Beckon frevently apealed to the state government and the concerned authorities to bring these forests under one single unit and to declare it a Wildlife Sanctuary.They suggested the name "JOIDIHING WILDLIFE SANCTUARY" for it.

Community Conservation Programme for Nonhuman Primates of Assam (1999

Conservation of the Rainforest of Brahmaputra valley(2000)

Wild Bird Survey of the Rainforest of the Proposed Joydihing Wildlife Sanctuary (2000-2001)

Bihu Charai Ganana(2001):
Bihu is the greatest social festival of Assam.Nature's Beckon took initiative to organize the hobby of identifying and counting birds by the people of assam during Bihu festival.This is popularly known as Bihu Charai Ganana which means counting of birds during Bihu festival.This counting of birds during Bihu festival has become very popular throughout the state of Assam.The people in hundreds take part in Bihu Charai Ganana.They have learnt to love the avifauna ,to protect their nests and habitats.Bihu Charai Ganana started in 2001 and is being continued every year with more zeal.

Conservatin of Hoolock Gibbons and Rainforest Biodiversity through ommunity Participatory Approach(2003)

Successful Campaigning for Giving Permanent Protection to The Rainforest of Upper Assam(2004): Nature's Beckon brought to the limelight the importance of the rainforests of upper Assam and made the people of Assam aware of the vast faunal and resources of these unique forests.The organization started the first ever rainforest movement for the conservation and giving permanent protection to the rainforest of Assam.Because of their relentless protection to the rainforests of Assam.Because of their relentless campaign of the rainforest has been declared as Dihing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary in the year 2004.

Nature Camp Wildlife Survey And Bird Watching:                         
To foster a sense of attachment with the nature among the Nature activitists of the Organization and to motivate them with the practical experience of the forest and wildlife,nature camps are organized in he deep forest areas.They spend several days and nights in the forest,studying the habitats and habits of wild birds,animals,trees,crepers,orchids and insects.Identifying birds and bird-watching are also an important curriculum in these nature orientation camps.Nature's beckon also takes part in the Asian Waterfowl Census,South Asia,which works under International Waterfowland Wetland Reserch Bureau(IWRB).The Organization has identified and prepared checklist of birds of various important bird area(IBA) of Assam.

Nature's Beckon has been succesful in organizing excellent network in Assam among the environmental activists,village workers,village chiefs(Gaoburahs),NGOs,voluntary organizations and government Agencies.Cohesiveness of this network is maintained by Nature's Beckon by organizing meetings of the Network-members and through a periodical magazine popularly known TAPOBAN.This magazine highlights the various constructiveworks of the network members and initiate communication among themembers of the network.


People's participation in the conservational work is very important for the preservation and sustainable development.
Keeping this in view,Nature's Beckon constantly endeavours to eduacate people about the role of mankind to conserve nature.To acieve this objective Nature's Beckon comes out with printed Magzines,Booklets,Posters,Stickers and Leaflets in English and regional language throughtout the year.Nature's Beckon has ,also,published scientific papers on wildlife and their habittats.Several audio-visuals and photographic slides have been developed by the organization to propagate environmental education and to create awareness on the conservation of nature.

Plantation and Afforestatin Programme:

Nature's Beckon has to its credit a highly commendable performance in afforestation programme.Thousands of seedlings of various
trees were planted in the denuded forest areas and villages of Dhubri District.Both Forest plantation and Social Forestry were undertaken.
The organisation raised its own nurseries in the forest villages.However,in view of the huge requirement of seedling the Department of Social
Forest supplied the quantity of seedling required.

Conservation and Protection Drive for the Nonhuman Primates of Assam: Nature's Beckon has played a major role for the conservation of non-human primates in the state of Assam.After the discovery of Golden Langur by the members of Nature's Beckon at chakrashila Hill Reserve in the year 1982,the organization took initiative to save the non-human primates throughout the state.The awareness programmes of Nature's Beckon in the form of poster campaign,writing articles on primates in leading news papers and journals,organizing meetings and workshops and advocacy with the policy makers for the conservation of primates ,motivated other NGO's of the state to work for the conservation of several species of non-human primates of Assam which are unique and proud possesion of the state.Nature's Beckon has relentlessly and sucessfully lobbied with concerned bureaucrats,state legislators and ministers of the state to declare Chakrashila,the habitat of Golden Langur and the other habitates of primates in Assam as Wildlife Sanctuaries.For the initiatives taken by Nature's Beckon to make people aware of the presence of Golden Langur and other species of primates in Assam,the international scientific communities came forward to lanuch primate conservation programme and primate projects in Assam.
Mass awareness campaign for the protection of nonhuman primates started in Assam under this project in the year 1992 and continued till 1995.

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitations:
Nature's Beckon has rescued wild animals and birds on several occasion from the poachers,smugglers and illegally operated circus parties and Zoos and handed over the rescued animals to the state forest department or released them in their natural habitats.

Training for Capacity Building:Every year Nature's Beckon undertake training camps for youths,NGO members ,and village level workers for the protection and preservation of wild animals and forests.In the camps youths are provided with the environmental eduation training to build up their working capacity for conservational works.Such trainings are given in groups throughout the year and every year 800 to 2500 youths are given such trainings.

Acts as a pressure Group:Nature's Beckon takes active part in advocacy and lobbing for the protection and conservation of wildlife and their habitats.Nature's Beckon tenaciously persuades the state government to fulfill the rights of the forest villagers and provide them with all the facilities as per the sanctions of forest laws.Nature's Beckon remains ever vigilant to prevent corruptions of the corrupt forest officials by exposing such corruptions through news media and creating public opinion against the corruption