About Us


Nature's Beckon is an independent environmental activist group of the North East India. Since its inception in the year 1982, the Organization has been doing vital works in the field of conservation of wildlife, awareness creation, environmental education, scientific research and documentation and socioeconomic development of the forest fringe villages. The organization was got registered under the Registrar of Societies Act in the year 1991. Nature's Beckon is deeply involved in protecting the wildlife as well as their habitats in the sanctuaries and national parks of Northeast India. Various Awareness programmes are undertaken by the organization to impart environmental education to students, environmental activist, educators, NGO members, forest field workers and common villagers. With its dedicated members and expertise and by using its excellent network with grassroots NGOs, voluntary organizations, individuals and academicians, Nature's Beckon works efficiently to conserve wildlife and rainforest of North East India.


  • Preservation of the forest and wildlife through people’s participation.
  • Afforestation and conservation of the bio-diversity of the 'Hot-Spot' areas along with the cultivation of traditional food plants of Forest Villagers.
  • To create environmental awareness among the people in general.
  • To import Environmental Education to students and youths for developing trained manpower for the conservational works.
  • To work for Social Justice.


Mission Statement:

"The mission of Nature's Beckon is working with the people to conserve, protect and increase wildlife, plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the people."