Uncover a community partner's experience
with community service-learning (CSL)

A team of CSL students, teacher, TA, and partner
Photo by T. Smith, 2009, University of Calgary, with subjects' permission
Community partners are usually non-profit organizations who engage in the teaching and learning process with students and instructors of community service-learning. They play a very crucial role in CSL, providing the framework for the types of community service students perform.

Depending on the community partner, these services can range from website construction to event planning to research. The Office of Sustainability, Volunteer Calgary, and the United Way are some of the non-profit organizations that have played the role of community partner for many CSL-based courses at the University of Calgary in the past.

Linda V. [who requested her full name not appear in the text of our pages], an instructor at the University of Calgary, shared some perspectives for community partners in a recent interview regarding a research project undertaken for the Calgary Roughnecks lacrosse team.

"I think they will have benefited enormously. For one thing, they will have real data, good data. They will have made valuable contacts within the student body. Next time they want something done, they would know how to go about doing it. [...] A really good relationship has been established between the organization and the students." 
- Linda V.

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Article: A Community Partner's Journey Through CSL

“The projects we come up with have to be meaningful to both students and community partner. It has to be something educational, interesting, and not too overwhelming since it has to be completed within the course of one or two semesters.”
- Jo Wright, former Sustainability Coordinator, University of Calgary

This page authored by:  Ann Pham & Jen Reid