This site was created by a group of University of Calgary students to showcase the dimensions and experiences of community service-learning.
Community service-learning (CSL) is a method of learning which allows students to learn and embrace real-world organizational requirements in an academic environment. Instructors provide a basis of knowledge and serve as liaison between the students and the community organizations that require the student's service. A great deal of the benefits and overall learning processes are based on reflection and engagement. 

"These students worked actively to create new, relevant, fresh, and very useful ideas." 
- Jo Wright
former Sustainability Coordinator

"CSL takes place when students participate in community service with a non-profit organization."
- Dr. Denise Brown

" service-learning made me more inclined to take part as a volunteer in the community."
- Tyler Rietze
Law and Society undergraduate student
Discover a community partner's journey through CSL! See CSL from a professor's perspective! Learn more about being a CSL student!