Nature near the Capital of Laos

Not Vangvieng District, which is 150 km away, it’s Bolikhamxay /bɔː-li-kʌm-saɪ/ Province.

Ban Na /bɑːnnɑː/ or ‘Na’ Village, Thaphabath /tɑː-pʌ-bɑːd/ District, is just 80 km from Southern Bus Station of Vientiane

Interesting activities: trekking to Phou Khao Khouay National Bio-Diversity Conservation Area, camping in forest / at Elephant Observation Tower, or continue the trail to another village ‘Ban Yangkheua’ and sleep at eco-lodge (that take at least 6 hours).

To go there by yourself, look for Vientiane Pakxan bus or “Songtæw” (Hyundai pickup truck) and tell the driver you want to go to “Ban Na, Thaphabath”. After an hour and 30 minutes, on the left : Tourist Info Center with i in blue sign, a rock plain, and ‘Wat Phabath’ (temple) with a stupa that is where the road to Ban Na lies.

Ban Na local guide, Mr. Bounthanome /bʊn-tʌ-nɔːm/ +856 20 22208286

+ Other nature sites nearby:

- Ban Yangkheua : eco-lodge at river side, long-tail boat to Tad Yong /tɑːd-jɔːŋ/ Rapids

(‘Tad’ means waterfall or rapids)

Tad Yong
Tad Yong

- Tad Xai, Ban ‘Hat khay’ /hɑːdk/ : eco-lodge at riverside, home-stay, long-tail boat and trekking to waterfall.

Hat khay local guide, Mr. Bountiang: +856 20 22438138

Tad Xai
Tad Xai

- Tad Leuk : trekking, picnic and camping near waterfall; NO SWIMMING

Tad Leuk
Tad Leuk

- Tad Mangkone Rapids : picnic and swimming

Dragon Rapids
Tad Mangkone


Culture sites nearby:

- Wat Phabath, the stupa is a landmark of Bolikhamxay

- Wat Phonsane /pəʊnʒʌn/, a temple at Mekong riverside with a lot of leisure activities


Shorter and easier way to Plain of Jars, Xiengkhouang

Vientiane – Pakxan – Phonsavan is just 231 km

Pakxan or Paksane /pɑːk-sʌn/ is the hub of Bolikhamxay, a quiet town with its famous “Nam Song Sɪ (two-colour water) is where Nam Xan River meets Mekong River, local people come to relax, jog, and watch sunset.

Nam Song Sɪ


Gate way to Kong Lor Cave

How to go to Kong Lor Cave

- From Vientiane: go to Bolikhamxay Province, after 250 km, turn left to mountainous Route 8A for 30 km and turn right at the Kong Lor sign at ‘Ban Nahin’ and drive more 50 km

- From Vietnam: cross the Nam Phao Border of Bolikhamxay, ride along Route 8A, stop by Lak Sao, then continue to Ban Nahin, turn left and drive more 50 km

- From Thailand: cross Friendship Bridge to Thakek and take “The Loop” to Lak Sao, stop by Cool Spring and other interesting attractions along Route 8A and continue to Ban Nahin

Cool Spring
Cool Spring


Nam Kading

 Trekking into the deep of National Bio-Diversity Conservation Area, camping near waterfalls, and learning real nature

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