Nature Coast Back Country Horsemen Maintain the 

Croom Equestrian Trails

These are our trail volunteers, called Recons who are assigned a designated equestrian trail to monitor.   Each month or after severe weather the Recons check their trail to make sure:

  • the trail signs are all up 
  • the trails are clear of trash
  • that anything hindering the riding of that trail is removed                                                         

The Recons report the status of their trails to Mammalu at 362-799-9272 or 

If a trail obstruction requires a chainsaw, tractor, or major cleanup then Crew Chief Ann will call out her certified army of volunteers to take care of the problem.   


Anyone can help when they are riding.  You can clip back annoying limbs, pick up any trash, or pull the hunter's ribbons.  If you see anything that needs attention or you would like to volunteer as a Recon, contact Mammalu at 362-799-9272 or 


Your volunteer hours are important!!  

If you do any maintenance on a trail, please report your time as a volunteer.  You report not only your time but your horse’s time, your travel time, & vehicle miles traveled.