Volunteer of the Year 2020 -- Gary Macintosh

Volunteer of the Year 2019 -- Bill Ehrlich

February 23, 20199
 FFS Volunteer Appreciation Day

Shelley, Nick, Truman, Kathy, Deb, Bill

Volunteer of the Year 2018  --  Bob Hopta

Florida Forest Service Certificate and Happy Trails award 2018

Special 10th Anniversary Awards

Mary Lou Patton, Kathy Thompson, Truman Prevatt

Volunteer of the Year 2017  --Deb Shaughnessy

Florida Forest Service Certificate 2017

Ann Hopta Deserving Volunteer of the Year 2016 

Message From Ann

It was a delightful surprise when I was awarded the Volunteer of the Year award. Surprised as we have such a great group of volunteers and delighted to be recognized for something I enjoy doing. We have a hidden jewel in our forest and our organization is chalk full of volunteers wanting to keep it great. Every little thing each person does to help maintain our trails adds up. From the riders that snip branches or pick up trash as they ride to those that have the ability to take machinery into the forest for the larger jobs, I applaud you and say thank you for loving this forest as much as I do. As you all know it takes a group to maintain a forest as large as ours and this award really belongs to the entire group of volunteers.

Congratulations to Joe Casisa, Nature Coast's Volunteer of the Year for 2015.  

Congratulations and many thanks to John Holzwart our Volunteer of the Year for 2014.  In John's case it should be more like Volunteer of the Decade.  Announce a work day and John is the first person who signs up. We have seen him at workdays in Croom, Citrus, Lake Townsen, Bear Hammock, the Greenway and no doubt other places.  John is an active recon in Croom and also cleans and refills the water tanks every week at Twin Ponds trailhead in Croom.  John, we thank you for your tireless efforts in caring for the equestrian trails and our equine's welfare.

Our Volunteer of Year awards to David Mackenzie in 2007 and 
Mary Lou Patton in 2008