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Expecting the Nature Calgary web site? Click here.This is a planning site for Nature Calgary Trip Leaders, trips and dates may change. For finalized details of Nature Calgary trips on the Nature Calgary web site click here.

Trip Planner Background

- The Field Trip Plan page will be loaded with standard trip dates for the period in question, however, any day of the week is welcome.

- Depending on the publication cycle, some of the prior month's trips may be included in the load.

- The list below will be updated as trip information is received, which may assist with your trip planning.

- Hint: Bookmarking this site may be of assistance to you.

Trip Submission

- Check the page to see what trips have already been submitted for this period.

- Wondering about trips that have taken place in prior years? Check the Trip Archive pages to see where trips held for a specific year and will have full details, such as leader, time, directions etc. The Monthly Cumulative Trips pages will show all trips for the month since 2014, in no particular year order, but does give day of month for trip.

- Thinking of a new location or something other than birds? Excellent! Nature Calgary is not solely focused on just birds.

- Trips should be submitted to: fieldtrips*@* (minus the *'s) on or before the submission deadline. Trips cannot be added directly to this site, it is for reference only. However, if a deadline is missed, all trips will be accepted as "Impromptu" trips and notification sent out by email to members. Impromptu trips probably will not be posted in the newsletter due to deadlines.

- You should receive an acknowledgement with 48 hours, if not, please check this site to see if your trip has been added or contact Ian Ross at iaross33* (minus *), 403 246-4213.

-Submissions should follow the format of Day Month date time am pm: Title of the walk. A comment about the walk. Directions to the site parking. Leader, Name 403 123-1234. The comment about the walk can include expected duration, species likely to be seen, if registration is required, pack at lunch etc .

Trip Leader Information