John Parker , NCS(Accredited) , Reg.MBACP     
Counselling and Hypnotherapy based in BROUGH
East Riding of Yorkshire                       

Diploma Qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist .

Also offering:

Emotional Freedom Techniques and Mindfulness Strategies

                                                        Phone - 07716432802 or Email - johnparker@naturaltherapysolutions.co.uk

Hello and welcome                                                                                          Some people look to therapy when they are experiencing some form of crisis and
want some support with this  ,others may , perhaps , just wish to better understand what

is going on in their life .

John  , as a diploma qualified integrative , person-centred counsellor with substantial

experience both with therapeutic counselling work and within NHS mental health services .

John's specialisms are -

     Psychological trauma work

     Sexual trauma work

     Survivors of childhood sexual abuse ( including MALE SURVIVORS)

     Survivors of childhood physical / emotional abuse

     Relationship issues

     ANGER in Relationships

     Management of EMOTIONS


     ANXIETY , panic attacks , phobias



     Low self-esteem

     MINDFUL body-awareness

ANGER MANAGEMENT is increasingly a problem within relationships and within society as a whole . Help is now

available in a more supportive  , relational environment than the traditional anger-management model.

MY MODEL is not about saying 'stop being angry !.' It is about understanding the difference between healthy

anger rather than out-of-control , unthinking RAGE . Sort out the rage  and the anger can become appropriate .

MY MODEL is based on the Sue Parker Hall model (see Anger , Rage and Relationship , 2009).

This is an empathic approach to anger-management . SOMETHING VERY NEW AND VERY EFFECTIVE !!!
Ensuring your personal health is the perfect foundation upon which to build a good life.  Both physical and mental
health needs go hand in hand to achieve this.
For your safety and peace of mind -
I am accredited by The National Counselling Society and The National Hypnotherapy Society
I also have full professional indemnity insurance cover.
Both The National Counselling Society and The National Hypnotherapy Society have recently been
awarded           ACCREDITED VOLUNTARY REGISTER (A.V.R.) status by the
                                  PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS AUTHORITY (P.S.A.)
These two societies were the first to be granted this (A.V.R.) status.
The (P.S.A.) accredits voluntary registers of practitioners in the field of therapy . In order to attain
accreditation organizations, such as The National Counselling Society , must demonstrate that
they meet the highest standards in teaching .
The P.S.A. do this so that the public , employers and commissioners can choose to use practitioners
who are on a register that has been independently assessed and approved of being of the
highest standards in training and ethics.
The P.S.A. provide you with assurance that these voluntary registers are well regulated and that
they require their registrants , such as myself , to meet the highest standards of personal behaviour ,
technical competence and , where relevant , business practice .

So , Why Therapy?

 As the famous advert would say. Because you're worth it !!!