Welcome To Natural Seas
The Sound Of The Ocean
Here you will be able to view my videos and listen to my recordings and music compositions. The video below is one of my favourites and although it's a still image I do believe it has got the feel and atmosphere of the sea. If you like the sound of the ocean then you might like to download this relaxing recording of it...

YouTube Video

 The Sound Of Rain & Thunder
Don't you just love walking in the rain? I do! The video below was done hurriedly as it was unexpected at around 3am! I got quite an abstract video as you can see and I couldn't have expected better. Please also enjoy this one. Available for download...

YouTube Video

The Sound Of 8 Hours Ticking Then Alarm
An old fashioned 'TiK ToK' clock for relaxation but beware as the alarm goes off at 5:54 on the clock and runs for about 7 minutes and quite loud!

You can use this alarm for any amount of sleep needed up to 8 hours approx.. If you want the alarm to go off in 6 hours then just push the time forward until 6 hours of the video remains before the alarm time.

Enjoy this old tik tok clock!

(The alarm goes off at 5:54 on the clock but 7 hours 54 minutes on the video!)

Avilable for download...

Click Here

The Sound Of 8 Hours Ticking Then Alarm

More videos and ambient sounds to follow soon so please check back now and again. Thank you.
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