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The main cause (but not the only one) of "all diseases" comes from the toxification of organism which is always followed by eating unproper cooked, baked, processed  food (the one that is recommended by the alimental branch, dietetics and medicine doctors), by consuming social allowed drugs, by consuming permitted drugs that are approachable in drugstores without prescription, by consuming drugs with prescription, by using street drugs and by living completely incorrect lifestyle in general.  

Bacterias are our symbiotic partners as integral part of human organism and that they do not cause disease. Without bacterias we would not be able to exist!
Bacterias and viruses do not cause any diseases, and the disease(s) is (are) not contagious!

German molecular biologist Dr. Stefan Lanka says: »It is very important to know that viruses are component parts of a very simple organism, for instance of the confervacea type of algae, a paricular species of one-celled chlorella alga and of very many bacteria. This viral components are called phages. In complex organisms however in particular in humans or in animals or plants, such structures which you might call viruses have never been seen.«

The word diet comes out from a Greek word: »Diaita« which means: "Art of feeding." It is based upon quality, organic, fresh food in their natural raw state (fresh, ripe quality fruit, vegetable, nuts, seed, home made natural fruit or vegetable juices, used right after its preparation). 
This is the food that humans are biologically adapted for.
When modifying destroyable diet regime we have to change the old destructive daily habits into a Optimal lifestyle or lifestyle of Natural Health – Natural Hygiene which include the 
optimum diet.


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