Natural Remedies for Adrenal Fatigue—Adrenal Exhaustion--How To Cure Adrenal Fatigue—Adrenal Exhaustion-- With Diet


         Promote heart health

Heal Adrenal Related Anxiety and Depression

         Support weight loss and healthy metabolism

         Support Immune system health

         Keep you energized

         Keep your skin glowing and youthful

         Support healthy adrenal and thyroid function


Food “Experts” Wrong About Natural Remedies for Adrenal Fatigue—Anxiety and Depression


Many Dieticians and Food experts promote diet advice opposite to that which will cure Adrenal Fatigue, Anxiety and Depression.  It is frustrating that the patient must shift through misinformation in order to learn the nutritional facts that will actually cure their Adrenal Fatigue/Adrenal Exhaustion. 


Unfortunately, many so-called experts provide misinformation about food choices because their advice is actually marketing for mega food corporations disguised as nutritional advice, or they receive their nutritional training in institutions funded by corporate sponsors with an agenda to promote, or they receive limited training in nutrition to begin with and they have been taught some form of the FDA Food Pyramid which has been totally discredited.


Did you know that there are many foods that actually cause digestive disorders, hormonal problems, and disrupt your mental health?


Did you know that most of these foods are promoted as “health” and “diet” foods?


Did you know that with proper diet you could get off medicines prescribed to cure your adrenal fatigue/anxiety, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hormonal issues and depression?


These symptoms are all part of the cluster of symptoms that are caused by:

1.)  Eating foods that deplete your endocrine system (adrenals, thyroid, etc)


2.)  Not eating foods that are the natural remedies for adrenal

 fatigue/adrenal exhaustion and the building blocks of the  endocrine system.



Did you know that many foods, which are natural remedies for adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression, have been stricken from the diets of most people because we have been told they are unhealthy?


Traditional foods that have nourished humans for centuries suddenly became demonized in the 1920’s by corporate farming in order to produce the highest profits.  Later, Big Pharma joined in to sell drugs rather than cure adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression naturally through diet. You have to educate yourself on real nutrition not because it is so complex or hard to understand, but because there is money to be made off of keeping you cheaply fed and sick and so the information is “handled” by the folks protecting their profits.





Foods That ARE NOT Natural Remedies for Adrenal Fatigue/Anxiety/Depression

These Foods Deplete Your Endocrine System

Danger Signs That The Diet “Expert” Is Giving You Bad Advice


  • Natural remedies for adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression do not include caffeine.

Caffeine depletes your immune system of minerals, which lead to problems with your endocrine system.  Caffeine also over-stimulates your adrenals. 


  • Natural remedies for adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression do not include body-builder supplements or protein powders of any kind.

It doesn’t matter what the protein powder is made from (whey, soy, egg, hemp, rice etc.) Because they are all highly processed, fractionated forms of protein: they will disturb the endocrine system. 


  • Natural remedies for adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression do not include processed sugar.

This includes fruit sugars, high fructose corn syrup or any other form of sugar.  This includes any sugar substitute (Equal, Sweet and Low, Splenda, Aspartame, etc) except unprocessed green stevia leaf.  Most low-fat “health” or “diet “ foods are filled with processed sugar to make them taste good.  Sugar (especially fructose) destroys your adrenals and is also highly addictive.


  • Natural remedies for adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression do not include gluten grains. 

Most people with adrenal disorders are actually very sensitive to glutens and are also addicted to them because there are lots of sugars in grains.  Most gluten grains these days are grown on soil stripped of nutrients or laden with pesticides, they have not been properly soaked prior to preparation to deactivate the enzyme inhibitors and phytates, and they have been over-processed into fractional foods and subjected to high heat.  Glutens also over excite the adrenals because of their high glycemic rating.


  • Natural remedies for adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression do not include highly processed vegetable oils. 

Highly processed vegetable oils (Canola, Corn, Safflower, Blends, Hydrogenated Oils etc.) all are toxic to the body.  They are also the cheapest oils to use in the corporate food industry and are therefore promoted by their experts as “healthy”.


  • Natural remedies for adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression will not try to restrict your calories or suggest spending hours in a gym. 

Although this is counter to the advice of most Diet “Experts”, restricting calories or engaging in moderate to intense exercise will deplete your already taxed adrenals and should be avoided.


  • Natural remedies for adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression will not include foods that cause digestive disorders.

 Many carbs, sugars, and certain dairy products can cause IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), bloating, and crankiness if consumed.


  • Natural remedies for adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression will not include any foods containing soy.

Soy products are full of anti-nutrients, which will strip the minerals from your body.  They also contain phyto estrogens and a human carcinogen called 3-MCPD.



Foods That ARE Natural Remedies For Adrenal Fatigue/Anxiety/Depression


These Foods Feed Your Endocrine System

What To Look For In Your Diet For Adrenal Health


  • Natural remedies for adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression will include plenty of “good fats” in the diet. 

The list of good fats include butter, coconut oil, olive oil, lard, fish liver oil, and foods like meat, fish, eggs, and poultry which contain them.  Adrenal Fatigue/Adrenal exhaustion is a fat deficiency.  It is caused by improper diet, eating bad fats and eating a diet lacking in good fats.  The body makes hormones out of good fats.  Without lots of good fats in your diets, the endocrine system starves for food.


  • Natural remedies for adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression will include grass-fed meats, wild fish, pastured chickens and eggs in the diet.

Cows are ruminants; they are designed to eat grass.  Corporate farm cows are fed a diet of grains, which makes them sick, and then they are fed antibiotics.  This affects the cow and the human who eats their meat.  Grass-fed cows are healthy.  No case of Mad Cow disease has occurred at any Grass-fed farm.   In addition, factory cows are fed hormones to fatten them; you consume these hormones when you eat their flesh.  The meat that is healthy and safest to eat comes from grass-fed cows. Beef that is truly grass-fed is a natural source of omega-3 fats (essential fatty acid) and vitamins A, D and E.


Pastured Chickens are healthy and produce eggs with an omega–6 to omega–3 ratio of 1.5 to one, whereas commercial eggs have a ratio of 20 to one. . Most diets nowadays contain an excessive amount of omega–6, therefore it is important to make sure your adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression diet contains more omega–3 rich foods to offset this imbalance.

When the chickens are pastured they are not contained in filthy pens, and they are able to peck for grubs and insects, which make their meat and eggs richer in nutrients. Pastured eggs are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. They are a great source of high-quality protein and are rich in vitamins and nutrients essential to adrenal health, including B vitamins, vitamin A and vitamin E.


Wild Fish are not fed a diet of grains as farmed fish are. Fish & Seafood should be from non-farmed sources, and as free of mercury and other pollutants as possible.  The safest sources are fresh and wild-caught from the ocean and not from inland lakes, rivers or streams.


  • Natural remedies for adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression will encourage you to make Celtic Sea Salt a part of your diet.

Table salt is poison and strips your body of minerals by upsetting mineral ratios.  Especially people with adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression should never consume it.

However, real Celtic sea salt (Grey, moist salt or the pink Himalayan variety) contains all the minerals needed by the body in the right  trace amounts. 

In addition, over-mineralizing the body with one or two specific minerals, such as iodine, does much damage. This upsets the ratios of minerals and causes you to be depleted.  This is why iodine supplements are dangerous for adrenal fatigue and thyroid disorders. 

Use Celtic Sea Salt liberally on foods and to cook with.  If it is not grey, or flecked with grey or pink it is not the kind you want, no matter how many times the word “Sea” appears on the container.


  • Natural remedies for adrenal fatigue/anxiety/depression will encourage you to make bone broths/stocks an integral part of your diet.

They are an important source of minerals and gelatin and add flavor to sauces, stews and soups.


These are the principles to look for in any diet that provides natural remedies for adrenal fatigue/adrenal exhaustion.


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