The Social Outdoor Activities & Recreation project (SOAR).

This is a new BAB Community funded project which is facilitated by JK.

Following our successful first series a second 5 week series will start on 

Thursday, July 13th, please contact us for details.

NB This is a test & Learn project so, for example, group pick up details are now more flexible - contact us to discuss your group's requirements.

We offer your party of 3 or 4* isolated Older People** the weekly opportunity to join a group of 16-20 other people:

·         be picked up locally by our Bristol Community Bus around 10 am

·         be taken on an outing to one of our favourite local outdoor activity venues such          as a City Farm, Community Garden or a park and enjoy.

·         look around, talk to people and join in any activities if they want

·         socialise over a free lunch at midday

·         be brought back home and dropped off just after 2 pm

Each Thursday for 4 weeks we go to a outdoor venue such as a city farm or community garden in or near Bristol so:

·         everybody gets to visit a different part of the city

·         we’ll all meet some new older people and make some new friends

·         everybody gets 5 fun 5 Ways to Wellbeing days out which we pay for.

·         Groups can host a day if they want, enjoying choosing the venue and the food

The 5th week is a ‘treat’ where everybody goes on a slightly different outdoor activity – maybe to somewhere outside the city like The Community Farm near Chew or maybe on a boat trip.

* I’ve put 3 or 4 because you will probably want to add a ‘befriender’ or carers within your group of isolated older people. We want people to feel confident enough to enjoy the first day and join us again and they might be happier if they have someone they know with them – this is your choice as you know them, we don’t. 
We fund people either way but please remember the focus is on Older People.

** The Older People should be over 50 years old, be from an economically disadvantaged Bristol ward and, most importantly, be socially isolated in your opinion.

NB You, as a community leader and the guest's friend, will need to act as the local organiser at first as they will know and trust you; once they get to know us we can manage more of the details if you wish.

Please contact us as soon as possible to express an interest; names or initials of individuals are requested to prevent confusion but you are under no obligation until the guest registration forms are completed and returned.         JK Kennington, Project Leader