Natural Opportunities facilitates Connecting with Nature through our two projects:

SOAR - the Social Outdoor Activities & Recreation project where JK facilitates activities at City Farms, Community Gardens, in the woods & wild places and on the water - which Cllr Helen Holland called 'a brilliant project'.

SBSG - the South Bristol Sensory Gardens project where Lucy Skinner, Project Leader, runs social, creative and educational activities for children with additional needs, their siblings and families - a new project based at Vale Lane.

We provide activities for people living in deprived areas, older people & the isolated, those with physical, intellectual or mental health issues and people from any other marginalised minority community.

We are now a Non-Profit Community Interest Company called Natural Opportunities CIC with JK Kennington, Founder as CEO and Karen Lloyd & Lucy Skinner as co-directors. This change formalises our delivery and gives everybody more opportunities.

All our activities are outside; Connecting with Nature on land or on the water.

Just living is not enough ... one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.

(Hans Christian Anderson)

Look deep into Nature and then you will understand everything better.

(Albert Einstein)

The mental Health & Wellbeing benefits are well-known - and our guests 'come back with smiles on their faces' (Chinese Association) so your GP might give you a 'Green Prescription'. The NHS promotes outdoor activities in 'Green and Blue spaces' - where 'we have great times' (a Sikh guest) in natural or semi-natural areas, both on land and water (NIHR) - where we 'have lovely trips' (Older Peoples Group); we provide gentle Outdoor activities but you might like an Outdoor or Green Gym.

Green & Blue spaces are where the evidence points to so that's where we work! 

A huge thank you to our funders & supporters and the places we go & people we work with:-