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What is Natural Medicine?


The practice of Natural Medicine is the promotion of health, the assessment of emotional, mental and physical state and the resultant Natural Medicine therapeutic techniques to improve emotional and adaptive function.

This includes, but is not limited to, nutritional and dietary therapeutics, botanical/herbal remedies, mechanical therapy (Reflexology, massage, etc.), homeopathy and vibrational medicine.


What is ?

First formed as an association for all Doctors of Natural Medicine registered with EBNMP. Over the last few years, the Association has expanded to include other levels of membership, including all Wholistic Practitioners, Alternative Practitioners, Complementary Health Practitioners, and Manual Therapy Practitioners (body-workers) – as well as students of natural medicine who are working towards attaining the DNM® designation.
Additionally we also have membership available to people and businesses, who provide services to our membership - health industry suppliers.

What is the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners (EBNMP)?

The EBNMP is a regulating body for all practitioners who have Doctorates of Natural Medicine® (DNM®s), acting as an “umbrella” to unify practitioners globally within the field of Natural Medicine. However, membership is not limited to DNM®s, and EBNMP has categories for different levels of practitioners. Members who are not DNM®s have the option of staying within their membership designation or working towards DNM® level.
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