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Proto-computation and Proto-life Workshop

Proto-computation and Proto-life Workshop

Sponsored by: Harvard University’s Origins of Life Initiative, 
JSPS's Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "Hadean Bioscience” and 
Core-to-Core Program (A. Advanced Research Networks)
Coordinated by: Natural Intelligence Research Group
Dates: Saturday, December 10th and Sunday, December 11th, 2016

Organizers: Zachary Adam (EPS, Harvard University), Masashi Aono (Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology) and Betul Kacar (OEB, Harvard University)


Technical presentation details: There is a projector with a VGA connector in the room, and a large chalkboard with a rainbow of colored chalk. We will have 1 PC and 1 Apple laptop on hand. You may connect with your own laptop or through one of ours- please bring your presentation on a jump drive if you plan to do so.

How to find the workshop room: It is located in room Geo310 at 24 Oxford Street. The front door to this building will be locked- text or call us when you arrive, we will let you in the building.
Alternatively, you can enter through the Harvard Museum of Natural History entrance next door. They know about our workshop and will let you through. Go up the stairs to the third floor (the level with a science gift shop), and take a right through the hall of minerals to the climate change exhibit. A door to Geo310 is next to a giant digital globe of the Earth that talks about Earth’s Climate: Past, Present and Future.We will put a sign on the door- feel free to knock if it’s not propped open.
Speaker Program and Format: Our primary objectives are discussion and exploration. The format will be relaxed, and we encourage questions and interaction throughout the workshop and presentations. We will start just after 10AM on each day. Presentations will not be monitored for strict adherence to time, but a good plan would be 40-45 mins of talk with 15 mins of Q&A. Lunch and breaks will be taken at convenient stopping points.
Seeking inspiration from the Natural History and Archaeology and Ethnology Museum exhibits surrounding our workshop room is strongly encouraged.


Zach Adam (Harvard U), opening remarks
Sophia Roosth (Harvard U), "Life is not a natural kind"
Yi Ruiqin and M. Aono (Tokyo Inst Tech), "Production of water-alternative solvents and informational polymers by radioactive minerals on the Hadean Earth"
Masashi Aono (Tokyo Inst Tech), "Amoeba-inspired computing: Chemical reaction as solution searching"
Deblina Sarkar (MIT), " Brainstorming technologies for solving the brain"
Song-Ju Kim (NIMS), " Natural Intelligence: Harnessing the computational power of physical phenomena"
Makoto Naruse (NICT), "Decision making by photonics'"
Yasuhiro Suzuki (Nagoya U), " Harness nature for computing "


Lining Yao (MIT), "Computing physical materials"
Zach Adam (Harvard U), "Geologic conditions ripe for natural automata"

Lunch/Open discussion