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28 September, Wednesday, 5:00-6:30, Life Science South 269

Club Meeting - AN INTRODUCTION TO THE WORLD OF HARVESTMEN with Shahan Derkarabetian from the Hedin Lab. 

Harvestmen (known as Opiliones) are an interesting, yet poorly known order of arachnids found in diverse habitats throughout the world. Shahan will introduce their general biology and discuss the research he has been conducting for his PhD that focuses on their systematics and evolution. He will also talk about particularly interesting harvestmen that you can find across North America, including local genera and species that are found in San Diego.

$10 dues for the semester
Pizza & Drinks at each meeting

The mission of the Natural History Club at San Diego State University is to educate the community on topics related to the natural history of southern California. We aim to do this via monthly meetings, guest seminars, and field outings led by local wildlife biologists and naturalists.

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