Health coaching is about helping you create the vibrant life you want.

Are you one of many Americans suffering from a chronic health condition or just doing daily battle with the fatigue and few extra pounds that seem to be pervasive in our busy culture?

Instead of fad diets and gimmicks, a healthful diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes are the most effective ways to prevent chronic disease and maintain health.

Yet these changes are clearly not so simple to do; if they were, there wouldn't be new health and diet books published every month.  And that's where health coaching can help. 

Questions To Consider:

  1. Do you feel tired and rundown?

  2. Do you know that you would feel better if you ate differently but are discouraged by all the dietary theories out there and fears about what you will have to give up?

  3. What would your life be like if you could look and feel great and still enjoy what you eat?

  4. How often have you started on a health regimen only to give it up because your life got too busy?

The problem isn’t about discipline.  The fact is that even though you've been doing such a great job meeting the demands of your busy life, you might not know how to effectively support your body and soul to have the energy and health to enjoy your life for the long haul.

You can have the life that you want. And you can have it without turning your current life upside down.

What Health Coaching Can Do For You:

I work with people who want to make lasting improvements by discovering what works for them and makes sense for their lifestyle.

Imagine that you feel great in your body -  look better than you have in years. You have lots of energy, and it sustains you throughout the day so that you are able to enjoy your evening instead of just falling asleep in front of the TV. You feel confident around food, and can enjoy your meals without guilt. Your friends and family tell you how wonderful you look, and you feel healthy and vibrant.

I work with you to discover what works for you, and this includes:

  1. Taking into account your lifestyle and personal tastes.  There is more to being healthy than the food you choose to eat, and there is no one way of eating or living that is right for everyone.
  2. Together creating a customized plan.  By making small changes that make sense for you and your life, you will be able to realize your vision for your lasting health and well-being.

If you are ready to reclaim your Alternate Texthealth and well being, begin by finding out if my services are right for you. Learn more about who I help: 


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