Vegetarianism Means Great Natural Detox Diets
Healthy Natural Detox Diets

As a prospective vegetarian, you probably question whether or not it really matters if you stop eating meat. You might wonder how much of a difference one additional person can make. However, if enough individuals do stop, it becomes statistically more important to the health of animals on this planet. People who eat large quantities of meat as part of their regular diet are more likely to suffer form heart disease, and as such should make sure they follow a regular detox diet program every 2 or 3 months to help eliminate the build up of toxins in their body.

Circulatory, heart problems, high cholesterol and heart attacks are primarily caused by the regular consumption of dairy products, eggs and meat; a reduction in this consumption would lower these health problems. The figures speak for themselves when a person who eats meat is four times as likely to suffer a heart attack as someone who is a vegetarian. Vegetarians usually have a healthy natural detox system due to all the fruits and vegetables they eat.

The risk of a heart attack for vegans is even lower with only a one in ten chance of having a heart attack against those of a person who eats meat. The health of a persons heart is only one of many areas where being a vegetarian will benefit their overall health, so for non-vegetarians, detoxing your body on a regular basis should be high up on your check list.

Preservatives which are used a great deal in meat are reduced and so are the incidences of cancer. Of course vegetarians will not be exposed to the number of additional hormones that are fed to cattle as part of their feed and will not experience some of the hormone problems people have because of this. By unknowingly consuming these toxins and hormones on a daily basis, you'd be surprised how much better your body will operate and feel after a following liver detox plan for a few days.

The consumption of lactose will also be reduced which is claimed to cause some digestive problems. The fact is people who become vegetarians have healthier lives; they can also feel comfortable knowing that they are not responsible for the slaughter of any animals.

The appalling death toll statistic suggested by Vegan Out-Reach is that over 2,700 animals will be eaten by an average American during their life. By giving up meat, it is possible to protect the lives of possibly hundreds of animals in the space of a few years and many more if continued for a few decades.

To help even further and stop the number of battery hens and dairy cows from having to suffer degrading conditions you could stop drinking milk and eating eggs. Well after reading this it is obvious the easy answer is yes it is better to become a vegetarian. An improvement in your overall health with less chance of cancer or a heart condition and the reduction of animal deaths provide a compelling argument.