Your club supports NCHS students and staff by promoting NCHS athletics in the community, providing concessions during athletic events, selling NC apparel & merchandise, and by using proceeds to purchase equipment and resources to benefit NC students.

Thank you Boosters & Sponsors!



Eric & Dani Anderson

Chase & Kate Anfinson

Chad & Cathy Berens

Cathy Berens, PC

Jim & Angela Berry

Todd & Becky Bertagnole

Kathy & Brent Blair

Cougar & Jennifer Boyce

Cory & Amber Brooks

Nolan & Heather Buresh

Caring Transitions of Casper & Cheyenne

Dondi & Andrea Cortinas

Brian & Amy Costello

Dennis & Amy Crawford

Kendra Deal

Chris & Misty Dibble

Sarah & Nick Duncan

Craig & Shannon Dutcher

Matt & Michelle Dye

Cory & Alicia Evans

Traci & Randy Farley

Lewis Fittje

Troy Fittje

Tyrone & Linda Fittje

Bonnie & Bill Foster

Katina Golumb

Brian & Shelly Grable

Pam Hagar

April Hanson

Bryan & Carrie Hebert

Jack & Mary Hoard

Treva & Beau Hurst

Scott & Pamela Jones

Brent Jurgensen

Andrew & Kayla Kennedy

Jeff & Valerie Lane

Ole Lear

Seth & Aleshia Lee

Chris & Keeli Magrum

Micky & Melissa McCoy

Adrian McNamee

David & Margie Mowry

Mike & Tonya Munari

Jarred & Becky Nab

Bob & Stacy Nelson

Lee & Melisa Overstreet

Jeff & Tessa Parke

Chris & Tracey Poe

Rhett & Amber Reyes

Charles & Nancy Robertson

Coach Sauers

Makenzie Sauers

Harrel & Nikki Sims

John & Rachel Spear

Scott & Lisette Spencer

The Swenson Family

Grant & Nicole Sybrant

Shannon & Anthony Tanner

Mike & Glenda Thomas

Sara & Rex Thronburg

Tracy True Propp

The Ujvary Family

Kevin & Vanessa Warner

Cory & Jill Weibel

Becky Wheeler

Amy Womack

Stuart & Missy Youmans

Warren & Kim Youmans


Angel & Gary Anderson

Heather Avery

Christina Baker

In Honor of the Blom Family

Erica & Michael Brown

Gail Evans

Peggy Evans

Scott Evans

Terry & Carol Gerhardt

Kevin & Janel Goff

Chris & Annette Grochowski

Jerry & Tanya Hansen

Heather Jackson

Dan & Amy Jones

Leonard & Corina Kennedy

Larry & Connie McCoy

Davina Mikels

Dorthy Neumiller

Libby Ngo

Paden Family

Geoffrey Ristau NC '83: "thanks Coach Hileman"

Ben & Angie Schrader


David & Maggie Browning

Toni Davison

Audrey Egan

Angela Hartl

Amanda Henderson

Debbie McMullin

David & Perri Shutts

Southerland Family

Cathy Vincent

Wistisen Family

Karen Colling

Jenny & Nate Edwards

Abby Ellbogen

In Honor of Polly Hallcroft

In Honor of Jen Horning

In Honor of Monica Lango

Missy Nack

In Honor of Janea Quig


All hail,to Casper High School,N. C. H. S.
Hail to our CasperHail, hail, hail, hail,Hail to Casperdear old Casper
Hail, to Casper High SchoolAlways on top,
We’ll yell for Casper HighAnd never stop.

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