SNRE updates

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting January 21, 2015

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • Graduate level credit is being offered to those interested for attending the weekly department seminar. The class would be worth 1 credit and would require a 30-45 minute discussion each week after the seminar. If you are interested please contact Dr. Bill Matter at
Strategic Planning Committee Meeting November 10, 2014

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • Reminder to attend the weekly department seminar. We have a lot of really great guest speakers presenting on interesting topics.
  • Friday (Nov. 21st) there will be a special seminar by a potential new professor. Come to Saguaro Hall room 219 at 11:15am to see Dr. Andrea Gerlak present on Human Dimensions of Sustainability.
Strategic Planning Committee Meeting November 10, 2014

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • Reminder to attend the weekly department seminar. We have a lot of really great guest speakers presenting on interesting topics.
  • Over the next two weeks two potential candidates for positions in the department will be visiting the university and presenting on their research.

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting October 13, 2014

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • Reminder that this week is the 1st SNRE Film Festival! It will be held Wednesday October 15th at 4:00 PM right after the department seminar that day. After viewing the films, there will be a happy hour at the Social House 6:00 PM. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners during happy hour. 
Strategic Planning Committee Meeting October 6, 2014

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • Dr. Paul Krausman, Boone & Crockett Professor of Wildlife Conservation, at the University of Montana will be speaking tomorrow, Tuesday October 7, 2014 at the wildlife seminar in BSE 225 on  "The Boone & Crockett Program and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation." Dr. Krausman will also be meeting with undergraduate and graduate students after tomorrow's seminar from 12-1 pm in BSE 311.  Paul was a long-time faculty member in Wildlife and Fisheries Science here in Tucson and welcomes the opportunity to speak with students.
Strategic Planning Committee Meeting September 22, 2014

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • The 1st SNRE Film Festival will be held Wednesday October 15th at 4:00 PM. This will be held right after the department seminar that day. After viewing the films, there will be a happy hour at the Social House 6:00 PM. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners during happy hour. The last date to submit your film entry is October 3rd.
  • The department plans on participating in this year's Earth Week festivities with representatives from NRGSO. Dates for this event are not yet set.
Strategic Planning Committee Meeting March 12, 2014

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • SNRE Awards ceremony will take place on May 1st in the Saguaro courtyard, please see the dept email for descriptions of the awards available
  • Please contact Gregg Garfin if you would like to volunteer with the SNRE table at the Tucson Festival of Books on March 15 and 16

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting February 26, 2014

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • Soliciting off-campus avenue ideas for the SNRE Awards Ceremony
  • Room 313 in BSE is available for graduates to use for computers or meetings when its not reserved for Agency meetings
  • PhD students are responsible for communicating with their minor committee member to ensure that they have 9-12 units of appropriate courses
  • May implement option exit interviews for all grads to voice their opinions on the program

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting February 12, 2014

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • Three nominations for the SPFI initiative submitted for review
  • New prefix for RNR and WSM is not ENVR

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting January 29, 2014

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • If you have ideas for a new hire (any field/discipline) please provide the name to Stu Marsh before February 7
  • Graduate students and faculty will have a happy hour event February 26.  Mark your calendars and look for information about the venue!
  • Funds have been allocated to our department to increase the number of GTA positions.  A systematic evaluation of all SNRE courses will determine which courses require TAs and how many positions will be available.
Strategic Planning Committee Meeting December 4, 2013

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • Website soft-launch to occur in late December.  Please check the website to ensure your information is all correct and present
  • Funding for GRAs has increased so that RAs now earn the same salary as TAs
Strategic Planning Committee Meeting October 23, 2013

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • We are seeking suggestions for potential new faculty members that fit with the Strategic Priorities Faculty Initiative (focusing on increasing diversity in the department)
  • Last reminder about ENR Launch party
  • Stu March says our informational video highlighting research conducted by SNRE is making good progress and it should be finished in a few months
Strategic Planning Committee Meeting October 16, 2013

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • Many changes have been made to dissertation requirements, check the SNRE Biz website for details
  • Reminder to attend the ENR Launch Party - free food and drinks available
  • November 6th will be the faculty/graduate student happy hour at the Social House from 5-6:30
  • The new SNRE website is schedule to launch in November
Strategic Planning Committee Meeting September 25, 2013

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • November 6th will be the faculty/graduate student happy hour at the Social House from 5-6:30
  • The new SNRE website is schedule to launch in November
  • We are still looking for 1-2 graduate students to represent SNRE at the Earth Week planning committee

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting September 9, 2013

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • Earth Week isn't until April 9-11 but it's time that SNRE got involved! We are looking for two graduate students interested in representing SNRE for the purposes of event planning and coordination. Come to Grad Forum this Thursday to hear more about it.
  • Stuart Marsh is coordinating with the Social House to reserve a room and appetizers for monthly/bi-monthly grad-faculty gatherings. Stay tuned for event announcements!
  • The undergraduate welcome went smoothly but did not receive as high attendance as we would have liked. Ideas for how to encourage participation for the spring event are being solicited...
  • Work on the future "Desert Discovery Center" continues. The president will be visiting Scottsdale for discussions. Plans are being developed to involve various different colleges of UA.
  • Strategic goal setting and discussions of proposed metrics continue.

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting September 4, 2013

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • Mrs Faul is very happy with the changes to the Faul property
  • Discussion of ways to develop online class material to supplement in-class lectures
  • Discussion of whether to move the Water, Society, and Policy MS to the Arid Lands GIDP to increase interdisciplinarity and sustainability of the program
  • Scottsdale owns a large area of land in the McDowell Mountains in which it would like to create a "Desert Discovery Center." There is discussion of how SNRE could be involved which would give us access to the area for research purposes.
  • Discussion of how to report on and assess strategic planning goals

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting August 28, 2013

Highlights for Graduate Students:

  • Welcome to Shirley Papuga as the new chair of the Watershed Management and Ecohydrology program!
  • Construction on the new Environment and Natural Resources continues south of 6th St. Some day it will be a building. There will even be furniture.
  • 313 has been cleared out and will soon be an overflow computer lab for graduate students
  • Co-op hire update: there is still a hiring freeze, and at this point the candidates have taken other positions. When the freeze ends we will re-advertise.
  • The new website is ready to be released as soon as content is uploaded. This is happening now, so email Amber Lovett ( with your profile information NOW if you haven't already.
  • SNRE was granted $8,000 to make a recruitment video (primarily aimed at undergraduates) which will begin filming next week with a second week of filming to follow later in the year.
  • Thursday, September 5 there will be an undergraduate welcome event in BSE 100 at 5pm (with free pizza). Graduate students are encouraged to attend to talk to them.
  • Thursday, September 5 is the Institute of the Environment fall festival in the Sund Gallery at the School for Agriculture at 4:30pm.
  • Starting this semester, graduate students will be invited to join faculty gatherings at the Social House once a month. Gatherings will commence with a short, 5 minute presentation by a faculty member. Look out for the announcements to come!
  • There is talk of changing the course prefixes so that there are only two for the entire school. These would most likely be: WFSC and ENV. Hopefully this will make it easier to find courses.

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting March 20, 2013

Highlights for Graduate Students:

  • Stuart Marsh is now official Director of SNRE! Congratulations!
    • As part of the negotiations he asked the Dean for additional Temp money, funds for marketing, and TA support. Unfortunately the request for money for TA support was rejected because it had been part of budget cuts under previous direction. However, there may be opportunities for further negotiation after the annual departmental review, and Stuart intends to make the case again.
  • Nominate people for departmental awards! Only three nominations have been submitted so far and it's a great opportunity to give deserving people some recognition!
  • Co-op position: interviews continue despite the hiring freeze resulting from the sequester. The plan is to go through with the process right up to the point of hiring so that everything is ready to go as soon as the hiring freeze ends. Currently the top 4 candidates all have strong quantitative backgrounds with no specific taxon or research agenda biases (the goal is to have somebody excited to work on a broad range of projects). All else being equal, the selection committee will lean towards somebody with an avian or herpetology background.

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting February 20, 2013

Highlights for Graduate Students:

  • Stuart Marsh has requested money from the Dean to hire lecturers, for marketing, and for additional TA support for the next 2 years.
  • Dialogue regarding a new faculty hire continues
  • Head of Departments are continuing discussions with the Faculty Consultative Group regarding college organization, and are currently discussing shared governance strategies potentially involving FCG members acting as senators.
  • Student Marketing Survey results are out (this was a 16 question survey administered to 10 undergraduate classes):
    • of 333 students surveyed, 39% were SNRE majors, 58% were not, and 3% did not list their majors
    • most SNRE majors switched into the department after beginning in another major or transferring from Community College (this suggests most incoming students don't know about us)
    • Key professional interests of our majors emphasize: wildlife ecology/biology, plant/wildlife conservation, natural resource management
      • They are least interested in writing, modeling, and tools/techniques
    • Reasons for pursuing the degree are generally interest/enjoyment, passion/love, animals/wildlife
    • Career/professional direction are the most important degree output for SNRE majors
    • Students are most familiar with wildlife biology professions and leas familiar with global change science and ecohydrology professions (this suggest these are areas we should help them to find out about)

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting January 30, 2013

Highlights for Graduate Students:

  • Grad Study Funding: Working on a way for the department to prioritize existing students of new/pre-tenure faculty for available TA positions
  • Discussing potential membership to NAUFRP or NAUFWR
  • Discussion of conversion of BSE 313 to additional computer lab space
  • Co-op Hire: discussions continue. There are 4 committees to pass through split between the UA and DC so it will take a while. Hopefully the new hire will arrive in the summer or fall
  • Advertise Tier 1 courses in the Wildcat and possibly in the entrance to BSE to encourage higher undergraduate enrollment
  • The Heads-of-Departments drafted a letter to Faculty Consultative Group (in charge of implementing a 3-4 school model for CALS to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation) expressing their concern with this idea.

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting January 16, 2013

Highlights for Graduate Students

  • Barron Orr has joined the SPC
  • Design of the new website is mostly complete and has received positive reactions. Development will proceed.
  • Amber has been hired to continue to work in the office after she graduates.
  • Plans were discussed to alter the review process for graduate student applications so that applicants will be visible to all programs rather than only the one listed by the applicant.
  • Discussion over the role of Jim Buizer on committees reached agreement that he can serve on master's level committees but cannot chair at the PhD level.

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting January 9, 2013

Highlights for Graduate Students

·         The department is currently discussing options for a permanent Department Head and whether this will involve an internal or external search.

·         Stuart Marsh and faculty are in the process of generating a list of names of recent graduates to bring to future NRGSO Career Development workshops in order to discuss their experiences in governmental/non-governmental natural resource careers

·         Mrs Faul loves the new fence on the Faul property but there will be more discussions to figure out what else she would like done.

·         Andy will now be responsible for all computers including those at OALS. In order to fulfill the additional responsibilities he will have a second student to help him.

·         There is talk of adding an SPC representative from OALS, possibly Barron Orr

·         SNRE On-line Certificate Initiative: the Outreach College has suggested that SNRE create an online certificate. This could be for Natural Resource Monitoring and would include courses on GIS, Remote Sensing, and Physical Monitoring. After creation of the course a graduate student position would be available to maintain the course and materials.

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting, September 10, 2012
Highlights for Graduate Students:
-SNRE has submitted requests for funding for several faculty hires (including the Eco-hydrologist position) to the SPFI Hiring Initiative and is waiting to hear back about prioritization
-David Breshears and John Koprowski have confirmed they will attend the September 20th NRGSO Grant-writing workshop, other faculty are being encouraged to attend
-SNRE is discussing adjustments to the summer course model to encourage course offerings. One idea includes offering graduate students opportunities to teach courses. If you have feedback on if/how this would be of interest please email Moira (
-Kit O'Connor has been invited to the Ag100 meeting to represent our program
-Discussion on converting BSE 225 to a more dynamic/usable classroom space continues
-Stuart Marsh brought up requests by graduate students that the 10 credit minimum enrollment for RA funding be re-considered. Faculty requested clarification on why this is a problem given that RAships include tuition remission. Please send comments/clarification to Moira (

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting: August 27th, 2012 (first meeting of the fall semester)
Highlights for Graduate Students:
1.  Funding was pulled for the Eco-Hydrologist position. SNRE is looking into other options to fund this position.
2.  Did you know SNRE will be getting a new building in 2015? Blueprints for the building (shared with GEOG and MATH) were discussed.
3.  This coming spring SNRE will be looking for a graduate student representative for the SNRE Awards Committee.  Stay tuned if you're interested in representing the grads!
4.  SNRE is also revamping its website (hopefully in January), and so far it looks great! The Web Task Force Committeewill be looking for grad student feedback on this soon.  
5.  Most of the faculty have RSVP'ed for the Graduate Professional Development Series. SPC is hoping for a good turnout, so try to make the first session on Grant Writing on September 20th!

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting, April 4, 2012
Highlights for Graduate Students:
-2 candidates for Director of the Climate Science Center are visiting over the next couple days.  Grad students are invited to go to the following open presentations Thursday, April 12th in Marshall 531: 
   -Levinson: 9-10:30am
   -Jackson: 1:30-3pm
-SNRE is still in negotiations with the Eco-hydrologist candidate, so no news yet!

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting, March 28, 2012
Highlights for Grad Students:
-The new search for a Director for the Climate Science Center was discussed.  Two candidates will be visiting next week. 
-Negotiations with the Eco-Hydrologist candidate are underway.
-A Masters in Development Practice curriculum will be offered next year at downtown campus.  Next January, SNRE will start teaching the first course for this program.

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting: March 21, 2012
Highlights for Graduate Students:
-For those of you hiring summer field techs or making other hires, please carefully consider the College guidelines! CALS Admin must approve a hire before a person is officially notified of a hire.  Also, an employee may not work until their official start date, but can work as a volunteer before then if they have signed the volunteer form available at
-Make sure all persons riding in UA vehicles have filled out the official volunteer form for SNRE! 

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting, March 7, 2012  (after a long hiatus, we met again!):
Highlights for Graduate Students:
-Only 3 nominations have been submitted so far for the SNRE awards :( Certainly we have a lot more people to acknowledge for their achievements and contributions than that! Please take a bit of your time to nominate a faculty or staff member or a fellow student! 

-An offer for the Eco-hydrologist position was discussed...stay tuned for more!

-I discussed the results of the surveymonkey about Graduate Professional Development with Stuart Marsh and Bill Matter. They are excited about helping to incorporating the top voted topics into grad forum this fall.  Among your top voted topics: communicating science, grant writing and career planning. 

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting, November 30, 2011
Highlights for Graduate Students:

-The SPC would like YOUR feedback on the new undergraduate Degree Search website for the UofA! Please take a few minutes to look at the website and send me your comments (  Do you think the School of Natural Resources is represented accurately and in a way that will appeal to students?  Thanks for your feedback! 

-A potential new monthly series for grad forum on Graduate Professional Development was discussed. Stay tuned for more details early next semester! 

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting: October 12, 2011:

Highlights for Graduate Students:

*The  Search Committee’s report for the Assistant Professor, Large Mammal Ecology position was discussed.  Thank you to the graduate students for participating in the Grad student lunches and meeting the candidates.


*The review process for the Assistant Professor, Ecohydrology was discussed.  Reviews will begin this month.

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting: October 5, 2011

Highlights for Graduate Students:

-SPC discussed how budget cuts in the next few years might affect SNRE.  Strategies for handling the cuts will be discussed over the next few weeks.  

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting: September 21, 2011
Highlights for Graduate Students:
*Course fees will be raised as of next semester for courses with lab or computer components.  This increase will be from a previous $27 to $50.  The SPC would like grad student feedback on this increase, so if you have any thoughts on the matter, feel free to email me,, or Bill Matter at  

Other topics discussed:
*How to limit costs of field trips to students and still offer them as part of courses.  
*Possibility of adding a new Agriculture Education program that would be a 5 year combined Bachelors/Masters program.  

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting: August 24, 2011

Highlights for grad students:

C. Hutchinson on building access:
• Keypads replacing keys for after-hours building access. To request 24/7 access: Check to see if you have a
new Cat Card. If the strip on the back of the Cat Card is at the bottom then you do not need a new card.
Provide A. Stewart with a copy of your Cat Card, and a personal four digit pin of your choice.

Graduate job availability discussed
• There was a hiring freeze in place for the Forest Service, but they are accepting applications
• The Forest Service wants to encourage Game and Fish to do the same
• C. Hutchinson: agencies may want applications in the system, even when not hiring so that they can review
candidates for jobs as soon as candidate searches are approved.

S. Bonar gave update on filling C. Conway’s position:
• Co-op would like to fill the position a.s.a.p., replacement will need to work well with UA, Game and Fish,
and Fish and Wildlife Service
• Looking at 25% budget reduction in USGS, not sure if position will be funded, S. Bonar will update in two

S. Marsh gave update on search for instructor on Large Mammals:
• Committee conducted phone interviews, August 22 and narrowed candidates down to four

C. Hutchinson gave update on Climate Center:
• C. Hutchinson sent announcement for Director position

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting: April 28, 2011

full minutes coming soon. Here are the highlights:

SNRE Awards Ceremony: May 4, 2-4 pm at Gentle Ben's

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting: April 20, 2011

Notes by our new SNRE secretary, Ashley, and re-ordered by Carrie to put info more pertinent for grad students (I think) at the top

Attendees: D.Breshears, S. Smith, S. Bonar, L. Lopez-Hoffman, R. Mannan, E. deSteiguer, W. Matter, S. Marsh, P. Guertin, C. Presnall, M. McClaran, C. Yamashita-Gill, A. Stewart.

Bill Matter gave updates on Academic information;

TA approval for New TRAD course

·      TA support from CALS has been approved for Bill Mannan’s new TRAD 104 course: Wildlife, Conservation, and Society (RNR 160D1) for Fall 2011.  Enrollment capped at 100 students for now.

·      TA support for all general education courses is not available from CALS

o   There is money for Tier I not II

o   Bill will ask Dr. Cox about $ for Tier II

o   Mitch requests 0.25 FTE for RA m222, a Tier 2 NATS course and Bill will follow up


Advertising for majors

·      Currently have only website based recruitment strategy

o   Also Facebook page for SNRE, but may need upgrade

o   Grad Forum has a Facebook page also

·      Look into adding an ad for SNRE to come up in Google searches for “natural resources” and other related terms.

·      Look at goggle analytics to see when/where visitors to our web site drop away.  These data may tell us about places on our web site that needs improvement.

Office Move

·      Kathi, Christie and Khuyen moving to Main Office SNRE April 29th

Bill Matter reported on HODS meeting

Budget cuts info

·      No new info on what UA will do since ABOR used UA rainy day fund to provide a rebate to students and raised tuition

·      Dean says 1st year cut of 20% can be absorbed by CALS, 2nd year is unknown

Laura Lopez-Hoffman reported on Dean’s Search

·      First Dean candidate arrives tonight.

·      CALS/Dean’s homepage has a link to the search with C.V.’s, agenda

·      Open forum from 4-5:30 pm and presentations Live cast on web.

·      Online survey forms for each candidate are available

Stuart Marsh gave updates on:

Approvals for the two searches - Instructors for 1) Governance, 2) Mammals

·      All parties are on board with the two hires.  Currently the budget spreadsheet is with IE for final approval.

o   Once final approval is given, we can send out the job ads.

o   Need to decide where to advertise positions now so ready when approved.

o   2 positions with separate search committees.

HODS Meeting report on Furlough hour reporting

·      Want faculty to take furlough time on their own rather than waiting for it to be swept.

o   Concern about negative consequences of faculty to not volunteer when they want to take furlough.

o   Employees are expected to NOT be here on furlough days.

o   Only about 40% across the college are in compliance with furlough policy.

o   Chuck needs to send an email reminder to faculty to take furlough.


Effort report forms have not been completed and signed by some PIs.

·      Khuyen will notify who hasn’t signed them yet.

Quarterly IDC numbers

·      October-December IDC SNRE side

o   $27,979 to college, $11,191 back to SNRE

o   $7500 back to OALS

IGERT Pre-Proposal submission with Optical Sciences (Stuart’s)

·      Dean gave a letter of support

·      If approved, multi-temporal imaging

·      SNRE people might want to contribute

Masters in Development Practice

·      Stuart received 5 responses from faculty to his request for interest in participating as instructors of new courses or modules on Conservation for MDP program.

·      Will set up a Doodle for organizational meeting of interested faculty and include all faculty in the invitation to meet


Outreach vs. Regular SCH accrual

·      Certain elements can’t change in responsibility  management spreadsheet

·      Student in 3-unit regular course SCH $504 ($168 per student credit hour (SCH) above the SCH production for 2009)

o   $1550 for every undergrad major student above base  year (2009)

o   $ $168 per SCH above total SCH production for 2009

o   $874 per degree awarded above the number awarded in 2009

o   3 additional students needed to surpass $1200

o   Example: if all faculty upped enrollment to 3 more students in a regular 3-unit SNRE course, it would generate $504 and this may attract more enrollment as a major within the college

o   Would take less effort to make more money increasing enrollment in classes we already have than making a new masters courses for the Masters in Development Practice

o   Masters GIST currently has 30 students

§  Masters course attracts students that we would not get via another way

o   College is taking 20-30%; they will not be doing this for money generated by teaching courses through Outreach College.  Return funds come directly to SNRE, not through CALS first.

Andy Honaman’s salary:

·      It was discovered that 15% of Andy’s state line had been cut in a previous budget cut and charge to an ART account. Discovered because the ART designated account is audited yearly and the salary charge for Andy was questioned. The account deficit with a request for contributions to cover Andy’s salary has brought in contributions by faculty towards salary so far.

o   The model OALS has been using was to add a line on all future proposals as a specialized need for computer need, under the assumption that Everyone should contribute

·      Suggested that a fraction of Andy’s salary could be added to proposals to justify a certain amount of IT support

o   Mitch emphasized that contributions are fine in the short term, but we need to have a plan to make him 100% on State funds because of the importance of IT services for Instruction in the School (computer labs, secure student accounts for courses, GIS support, School servers, maintenance and trouble-shooting of faculty desk-top and lap-top computers for Instruction).


·      All should check their monthly FRS reports to make sure that things are being charged appropriately


Faculty Strategic Planning meeting March 30, 2011 

Note: these notes are taken by your Co-Chair, Carrie Presnall. Any misrepresentation is likely due to my misunderstanding.

Graduate assistantship/fellowships/scholarships (Matter) - SNRE is trying to use money from various funding pools to support current students. In the past, we have relied mostly on Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs), but SNRE will use more combined funding to stretch limited funds.

Funds include: 

GRA - $19,720 (gets split to ¼ time positions) – students work for this money (teaching)

GTS/GRS – fee waivers for in-state tuition, $25,440 ($ goes to tuition only)

Grad College Fellowships - $10,000 total, gets split among students; students may be asked to enroll in a teaching practicum

Indirect cost (IDC) review (Moroz) - We discussed IDC (money that the university takes from grants we receive to cover costs like photocopies, parking, and other miscellany) and SNRE income and expenses. I have a spreadsheet.

Masters in Development Practice  (MDP) (Hutchinson) - Continued discussion about MDP (see earlier mtg minutes: March 2, 2011). Money is available to develop online instructional materials for MDP – must be new courses, not offered at SNRE. Focus is on conservation, PES, GIS… TBD to fit the development theme.

MDP will generate about $1,200/student/3 credit course (income to SNRE). They expect to have about 4-6 students/yr, which would bring about $10,000 to SNRE. Some of the profits would be shared with the professor as funds for projects.

Discussion: is it worth the work? Committee will investigate and bring more financial estimates


Mitch McClaran requested official mtg minutes

Interviews for Secretary position – 3 interviews scheduled for SNREbiz.

Job searches continue for 1) Governance and 2) Large Mammal Biologist

Faculty Strategic Planning meeting, March 2, 2011

·      Phenoclimatology search is making progress with hiring

·      New searches:

o   Go-ahead from CALS for 2 searches supported by IE

§  Landscape/large mammal ecology

§  Governance

o   Back to IE for approval

o   Potential for a 3rd, if CALS will support – possibly an Ecological Modeler

§  Exploring possibility of a Diversity hire

·      Potential joint appointment for environmental conflict resolution

o   Update: Law department is interested but has no money to support.

o   the search for $ continues

·      UA (and SNRE) is working on developing an MDP program (FUTURE)

o  Masters in Development Practice (MDP) (

o   5 MDP programs in US; one is Earth Inst. at Columbia.

o   cohorts of about 20 students;  45-60 credits; fees = $60K/student/year

o   Will operate downtown under Outreach College

§  Classes will be unique to MDP (not repeats of classes already taught at UA)

§  Only MDP students can register for MDP classes, not other UA students

o   Four cornerstones: natural science (SNRE lead), health science, social science, management

§  Core courses in these areas, other specialization options

§  Our specialties will be arid lands, climate change and famine

o   Opportunities to add additional participants through modules (certificates?)

o   Discussion: how to design program that will fit current faculty schedules and reward participation?

§  This could provide needed revenue for UA

·      Emerging revenue streams

o   (1) IDC – Indirect costs; (2) SCH - student credit hours; (3) certificates/short courses/MDP spin-offs?

·      Bill Matter discussed undergraduate course plans to help students chose courses that will get them done in 2+2 (2 yrs at community college + 2 yrs at UA).

Faculty Strategic Planning meeting 2/2/11

1.     Phenoclimatology: An offer was made to a candidate

2.     Large mammal instructor position – search may start soon

3.     Deans have been meeting about the budget. It looks bleak.

o   Undergrads will be encouraged to declare majors sooner.

o   We want bigger Tier 1 classes (freshman level, gen. ed classes)

o   SNRE needs to tell students what SNRE does so that they can not just be in the “science” department. Ideas discussed include creating Facebook & google ads, setting up tables on the mall in Fall to inform students about SNRE.