About Me

I'm with Digital Media & Communications R&D Center, Samsung Electronics, in Korea. Since 2000, I was engaged in several research areas on Internet in Internet Engineering Task Force. I was also responsible for IPv6 Convergence Working Group in IPv6 Forum Korea as well as IETF Mobility Working Group in Wireless Internet Forum as a chairman. Since 2004, I was researching at the IEEE 802.21 Working Group (Media Independent Handover) and IEEE 802.11u Task Group (Wireless Interworking with External Networks) to develop fast handover solutions between IEEE 802 networks and Cellular networks. I am a co-chair of 16ng Working Group in IETF from 2006. Since 2006, I was devoted to working IPTV in ITU-T. I was responsible for IP-USN Standard Working Group in IP-USN Forum Korea in 2007. Since 2007, I am working for W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) as a Samsung Representative. Since 2008, I am responsible for Mobile IPTV Working Group in TTA PG 219 as a chairman. Also, I am now chairing a Media Annotation Working Group of Video on the Web Activity within W3C. So far, I hold many patents in the Internet and Wireless networking fields. My biography can be found at 10th Anniversary (2008-2009) Edition of Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 26th Edition of Who's Who in the World and 63rd Edition of Who's Who in America.