Full spectrum dominance !regular electricity! So nobody understands how it works-

Inverting territory and map to prop a grand icing shaped not you going unnoticed
technologies scaled gauging existing expanses to be cracked/the crack’s needing to be spanned
.On the territory looking for yourself on the map.

I have often felt inspiration walking by railway tracks and riding trains is certainly contemplative
even so I would never think to design and build a personal model train world –
this show seeks to excavate that passion..

World model-
Werld model trains working well, well small but right gauged though scale
Misplaced concrete in frontier falsely jungle booked
Will to blunt industriousness

Spread out in front of the cunt-ry the peoples galvanised NIMBYJISMing
Frontier Authortcracies
‘If gallantry had an autocrat this guy would be your party leader’
the foreman of the first online pet cemetery insta-animal advertisements
An interior-design political system, power-vote for a scene change

Tim Berners-Lee made the internet as an extension to his model railway development!

Real trains have cone shaped wheels unlike other real vehicles which use differential engline mechanisms.

Toreutic time machines
It was a real age, the golden age of railways.
And in our age – the golden age of packaging and throwing away
The polystyrene will be stone henge for future computing technologies
Still constillating gold chunks