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Native Habitat Restoration, LLC brings over 15 years of experience in managing invasive species, having pioneered management projects to control invasive species in upland forests, as well as implemented wetland and floodplain forest restoration.

Jessica Murray Toro, Co-owner and Project Manager, has designed and implemented many invasive species control and restoration projects over the past 12 years. Jessica has overseen the Weed It Now project, a large-scale invasive species control project on 9,000 acres. This project covered nine towns and three states with over 75 landowners participating in the effort. Jessica has extensive experience writing and administering grants. She has secured over $3 million dollars in federal, state and private grants.

Sari Hoy, Co-Owner and Field Supervisor, has a Masters in Environmental Land Planning from Conway School of Landscape Design. She has extensive experience in oversight and management of field staff performing invasive control projects. Sari has experience working in small and large-scale projects and with conservation organizations. Sari is a licensed herbicide applicator in Massachusetts and New York. She is also a NOFA Certified Organic Land Care Professional, Master Gardner and NEWFS Plant Conservation Volunteer.

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