NativeEarthscapes is a small, locally owned business dedicated to creating native, sustainable, environmentally friendly landscapes and rural properties in central Texas.
This approach provides beautiful properties that you can be proud of. At the same time, you'll create a water saving landscape that will need no chemical fertilizers or pesticides to stay gorgeous, thereby saving you time and money.
NativeEarthscapes also provides consultation, surveys, and documentation to help you understand your central Texas acreage better, and to maintain your Wildlife tax valuation status. A native landscape better retains water, prevents erosion, and supports wildlife.
The business is owned and operated
by a native central Texan, Diane Sherrill, who provides hands-on, personal service on every job. Diane cares about the environment, and she cares about every single customer. She has 20 years experience working with central Texas native plants, landscaping, and restoration.
Property taxes in Texas are back breaking! Large, rural properties can carry a huge tax burden. Tax "exemptions"--properly, specific tax valuations--can ease that burden. Contact NativeEarthscapes today to discuss what your options are to cut this onerous
NativeEarthscapes can also help you to understand your
beautiful property better by conducting
surveys and providing you with plant, mammal, and bird checklists throughout the year. If you love your land, you'll love NativeEarthscapes!
Call or email today to get started on the property of your dreams!
Diane Sherrill