Stewart / Clark

Native American Productions

Historical and contemporary Native American DVDs

Red Earth Festival 2007

is the definitive DVD of America's largest

Native American Festival.

Dances and their history,

a juried artist competition,

and an arts and crafts exhibit

all spotlight the best of

Native America's

cultures and traditions.

DVD - 58:00

Native Americans --

A Tribute

 pays homage to

Native Americans, examining their history, culture, and traditions through the paintings of George Catlin and Charles Bird King, and the  amazing photographs of Edward S. Curtis.

The DVD traces the early history of Native Americans and continues through the twentieth century, culminating with the opening of the 

National Museum of the American Indian in 2004. 

DVD - 1:15

Viva Santa Fe! is a musical historical drama based upon the history of New Mexico from 1810-1852.The story centers around Dona Maria Gertrudis Barcelo, known as Tules, an actual character from the pages of New Mexico history.  Tules, a peon, eventually acquired a gambling house and amassed great wealth.  Her source of income to build the gambling establishment was from Governor Manuel Armijo.  He was a married man, and the inevitable ensuing tragic love triangle became the gossip of Santa Fe.
During the span of her life, Tules witnessed Nuevo Mexico as a territorial property belonging to Spain, then as a province of Mexico, and, in 1848, the property of the USA.  Armijo accepted a bribe from the U. S. forces to leave Santa Fe and return to Mexico in 1848, leaving Tules behind, lonely and broken-hearted.  She died in 1852. 

CD - 1:05

Stewart / Clark Native American Productions

specializes in producing DVDs relevant to Native Americans. We produce DVDs of historical and contemporary Native America, with an emphasis upon Native American art, dance, music and spirituality.

James Stewart is an enrolled member of the Shawnee Tribe (absentee division). In addition to producing the DVDs, he often composes the orchestral score to accompany the narratives. His works have been published by Columbia Pictures Corp., TOA Publications of Japan, and Warner Bros. Music, Inc. Stewart's historical musical drama, "VIVA SANTA FE", was performed on the United States Center Stage of the last world's fair of the 20th century, Expo '92, in Seville, Spain. The work was also presented at the Music Teacher's National Convention, Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1995.

Wayne Clark is the co-producer of the Native American DVD's. His editing, research and narration have added the "finishing touches" to all the DVD's content. Clark is also a musician, performing professionally on keyboards and guitars in Miami, Dallas, Baltimore, and, currently, in Oklahoma City.

His passionate research and interest in the cultures and traditions of Native Americans have induced him to relocate to Oklahoma, the heart of America's Indian country.

Stewart & Clark are currently co-producing a video based upon the Native American Church and shamans who have embraced strong spiritual relationships within the circle of the Native American Church.

May the Great Spirit abide with you in all your journeys and pathways upon our beloved Mother Earth.

James Stewart

Wayne Clark